Pokémon Sun and Moon update June 2nd

The latest update has been released regarding the newest Sun and Moon game of Pokémon. The official Pokémon youtube channel released another trailer for us. The video shows the the lion legendary pokemon is called Solgaleo and its type is, oddly enough, not Fire but Psychic and Steel, along with its ability which is Full Metal Body.


The moon pokemon is called Lunala and is a psychic and ghost type, with the ability named Shadow Shield.
Other than that the video shows the region along with how the trainers can look like. The pokemon professor Kukui and his assistant Lillie.


There will be a special pokédex in the game, it’s fused with Rotom! Other fun information include you having a friend called Hau en the Pokemon professor is called Kukui and he has a mysterious assistant called Lillie.

Check out the video below!

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