TMR: w-inds – Boom Word Up

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May 2016 review.

Album/Single: Boom Word Up

Artist: w-inds

Review by: Mariëlle

File:winds - Boom Word Up reg.jpg

w-inds, a popular group amongst jpop fans, is back with a new single! Boom Word Up is a two track single, bound to bring the summer into your life. This is w-inds’ 36th single. The single comes in three physical versions; a regular Edition, and two Limited editions, as well as 4 music cards. That brings us to a total of 7 versions! Each of the versions has the title track Boom Word Up, and a different song.

The regular edition comes with the song FUNTIME, while Limited Edition type A has Smile Smile Smile, and Limited Edition type B has ヒマワリ (Himawari; Sunflower). Both limited Editions come with a DVD. Type A has the music video for Boom Word Up, while Type B has the Making Of Boom Word Up Music Video.

The first track on all singles is Boom Word Up, the title track of their single. The song is very nice and makes you want to dance. Speaking of dancing, their choreography is fantastic here. The song brings out a summery feeling, and I think this will be a great song to play in your car with your window open, or to play when you’re relaxing in your backyard in the sun or at the beach.

Watch the MV for Boom Word Up here:

The second track on the regular edition is FUNTIME. And boy will this song bring some fun times. The song starts of rather slowly, and remains quite relaxed all the way through. However, the voices of the members, along with the nice beat still make this song great for summer. The chorus is quite catchy as well.

Smile Smile Smile is definitely the most interesting and fun song from this single, in my opinion. It starts off funky and fun and it’s really catchy. The chorus is a little silly, but it will definitely make you smile smile smile. It’s a very colorful song.

Last but not least is ヒマワリ (Himawari; Sunflower). This is probably one of my favorite songs on the single. From the beginning to the end, this song is both catchy and beautiful, and yet also gives off a warm feeling. I can see myself playing this a lot in summer, even though it’s not a typical ‘summer song’. I can imagine this song for an anime, as well.

File:winds - Boom Word Up lim A.jpg

Boom Word Up is a great single. All songs on all different versions are great and will get you in the summer mood. I do feel the title, Boom Word Up, is super weird, but the great beat makes up for the title. If you want to get ready for summer, I strongly recommend this single. I think  my favorite version is the Limited Edition Type B, as it has ヒマワリ (Himawari; Sunflower) and also the Making Of the Boom Word Up Music Video.

If you’re interested in buying w-inds’ new single Boom Word Up, then click the links below:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition Type A

Limited Edition Type B

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