Nocturnal Bloodlust Europe Tour 2016

Nocturnal Bloodlust is coming to Europe! The visual kei band from Japan are coming to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, COlogne, Budapest, Munich and Moscow for the first time! The tour will be starting at 15th of July in London and continue to the other cities the rest of the month. The tour is organised by B7Klan.

There will be VIP tickets available which include early entrance, meet and greet and the price will be around 45 euros to 55 euros, depending on the countries. The normal tickets will be around 25 euro to 35 euros, again depending on the countries.

The show in Amsterdam will be held in de Melkweg and weezevent are selling both normal as vip tickets while ticketmaster only sells the normal tickets. Don’t forget that for the Melkweg you need to buy a membership card which costs a bit extra! The concert is estimated to start around 20.00 hours.  For information about the other ticket sellers for the other countries you can find it on their website.


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