MV Review: Arashi – I seek


MV/Song: I seek

Artist: Arashi

Review by: Tris

With the release of the  21st Oricon single chart, Arashi taking its first place with their new single I Seek | Daylight. The single will be released in three different versions, one regular and two limited editions. The regular version will be have a total of four songs while the limited editions comes only with I Seek and Daylight and the making of the music video. The first Limited Edition version will have the I seek version while the second one will be having the making of Daylight.
Besides I Seek and Daylight the other songs on the regular version are Tadaima and Supersonic. Tadaima is specially created for Arashi’s upcoming arena tour.
I Seek is featured as theme song for Ohno Satoshi’s drama Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi while Daylight will be the theme song for 99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi starring Matsumoto Jun.
You can buy the singles from around €12 euros up to around €20 euros with the Limited editions. The prices can vary per shop.

While I’m typing this, I have the song playing on repeat non stop, I must say that after playing it for a couple of times the songs gets to you. Personally the music video isn’t really my thing, from what I read online the people are divided as well, as one says it’s awkward while others say they like the relaxed atmosphere. For me personally it’s a little bit of both. In the beginning, the members are all divided around the house doing various things, but even when together there doesn’t seem a connection. Looking sad in the kitchen while eating, playing cards and more. Between the things they do, they sometimes sing along, but it seems random. I do feel the moments they enjoy themself are sincere. The little group dance at the end around the table is very adorable. I wonder if they would dance that during live performances as well!

Question; What happened in that house Arashi? Just kidding, seems like they had a fun party.

Although I find the music video itself very boring, the song is nice, a little funky old style and once you listen to it, you miss it when it stops playing. The lyrics and the music video couldn’t be more different, but that something I also prefer so we can’t complain about that. The voices of Arashi fits perfectly with these kind of songs.

You can watch the video here:

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