Fairy Tail 2016 update

Ever since the 2014 Anime of Fairy Tail stopped, it was announced that there would be more to come! A new project was announced for the anime, meaning that fans would only have to wait a while before something new would come their way.

And it’s here now!

Fairy Tail OVA (2016)

A new anime will be in the make but before that, it was announced a new 3 episode OVA and a new movie would be released this year.

The OVA, existing of three episodes, will air from May 17th until November 17th. These three episodes will be apart from each other, but they will be worth it!

The OVAs are adapting the 3 omake chapters of the same name and are bundled with the special edition of the 55th, 56th and 58th volumes of the manga.

The first episode of the OVAs has aired already, so I suggest you watch it if you haven’t already! Every episode will be about 25-30 minutes of fun. Here is the teaser/trailer for the OVA.

Basically, the first episode is set around the time of the Grand Magic Games. The Fairy Tail members are still Team A and Team B, and play a Japanese game, where the losers must undergo punishment for losing. They must do whatever the winner tells them to for a whole day.

Team B wins the ‘game’. Enjoy an evil Laxus in a speedo, Mirajane the dominatrix, a creepy Juvia (though she is always creepy) and the ever so drunk Cana. We also learn something about Cana’s past in this episode, so that is something else to look forward too amongst the ecchi stuff.

As for the movie, so far I haven’t found a release date, but as soon as a date is confirmed and I can find more information about it, I will update you! So stay tuned!



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