B-PROJECT anime update

MAGES’ B-Project is a fictional male idol project, started in 2015. The project features character designs by Devils and Realist creator Utako Yukihiro. Furthermore, the project is produced by none other than T.M.Revolution, a performer who is known for his works in Soul Eater, Gundam, Rurouni Kenshin and Sengoku BASARA amongst others. Composer and writer Chiyomaru Shikura, from Robotics;Notes, is the original creator who is in charge of the project planning.

The official website for B-Project describes B-Project as a cross-media project, and teases fans with the possibility of anime, games, apps and more.

MAGES streamed a promotional video in September 2015.

Previously, different idol groups were announced, as well as their voice actors and the first CD titles. The different idol groups were: Kitakore, a duo. Their debut CD was Koiseyo Otome. THRIVE, is the second group, existing of three members, and their debut was dreaming time. The final group existed of 5 members and they are called MooNs, who debuted with Glory Upper. All CDs were released on November 25th of 2015.

Later more cast were revealed, as well as a new group called Killer King, with their first CD Kira Kira Smile, which was released on March 23rd of 2016.

Earlier this year there was a live event for B-Project called: B-PROJECT 1stSTAGE2016. During this live event, T.M.Revolution announced B-Project would get a video game adaption, but did not mention a title, platform or release date for said game.

At the end of March it was announced that the multimedia franchise would get a TV anime, which will run on TOKYO MX ,ABC Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, CBC TV, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, and BS11 this summer.

They released a preview as well.

And now, more cast and characters have been announced, along with a new key visual. These are the new characters:

Furthermore, B-PROJECT will be performing the opening theme for the anime, called Kodou Ambitious, while Kitakore will perform the ending theme, called Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence.

The anime’s story is this: Tsubasa is a newly hired employee in the A&R department of Gandala Music, a major recording company. She is immediately assigned to oversee the idol unit B-PROJECT (which is made up of the three idol groups we mentioned earlier). Despite this being her very first job, Tsubasa gets involved in accidents and incidents, and has to deal with all these young men.

What do you think of B-Project? Interesting? Strange? Fun? Or do you feel it sounds like a classic Otome game? Let us know!


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