Special Review: SS301 – ETERNAL S

Album/Single: ETERNAL S

Artist: SS301 / Double S 301

Review by: Mariëlle.

While SS301 (Double S 3 oh 1) are Korean, and not Japanese, JNL has decided to review their Japanese album. The members of SS301, whom are a sub-unit to SS501, were popular in Japan for years, but have only recently returned as a group due to Solo activities and mandatory army services. As SS501, the group has had many hit songs, such as Warning, Unlock, Déjà Vu, A Song Calling For You, Haruman, Snow Prince, U R Man, Because I’m Stupid, Love Like This and Love Ya.

With their Korean and Japanese comeback, the group is making a new name for themselves, and have even travelled across the world to promote their activities. Later this year, SS301 will even go to Moscow for a performance.

Back in 2008, the members Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJun started this sub-unit for the first time. The other two members, Park JungMin and Kim HyunJoong had other activities which overlapped a comeback, meaning they were to show the world how fabulous they were on their own. They released an album, called U R Man, which was extremely successful. The title track called, also called U R Man has been voted ‘most catchy Kpop song ever’ by Korean netizens in 2016.

After a problem with their company, the members of the group went solo, where they remained quite successful amongst the new popular groups.

But now, they’re back as a Sub-Unit once more. They released ETERNAL 5 in Korea, and now they have returned to Japan with ETERNAL S.


ETERNAL S is the first Japanese album in years for the group, and JNL is very interested to see how they did. The album was released on April 20th of 2016, and ranked 12th on the Oricon chart in its first week after release.

The album exists out of 5 entirely new songs, which will Unlock and capture your heart immediately. It comes in two different versions, a Regular Edition and a Limited Edition. The Limited Edition comes with a Music Video DVD.

The first track is Bad Dimension. The beginning of this song is very nice, and it’s probably one of the catchiest songs on the album. Their Japanese sounds a bit odd in this song, but it’s still decent. I love the chorus the most, as it just easily gets stuck in your head.

Fraction is the second song and also the title track of this album. This is such a great and catchy song. It starts out slow and nice, and while it doesn’t get much faster, the song has a very nice rhythm to it. It starts with KyuJong’s beautiful voice, and is quickly followed by HyungJun and YoungSaeng. Especially YoungSaeng’s voice really stands out in this song. These are our Lucky Days, because according to the song, Luv is Falling, and we all know that once you’re in the Double S fandom, you will never know another Love Like This.

The third track is From Dusk to Dawn. At first I thought this song would be very relaxing, but it’s a lot more upbeat and exciting than I initially anticipated. The English of the members sounds a bit strange here. While it’s quite good in the other songs, in From Dusk to Dawn the pronunciation is a bit off. The title itself sounds more like “From Dust to Down/Town”. Their Japanese sounds really good here in my opinion, though, and I love how their voices sound together. On top of that, the song is still very catchy, so I think I’ll grow to like it after a few listens.

Let Me Know is the fourth song on this album, and it’s absolutely beautiful and also surprisingly catchy. Here is a Warning, you will love this song; it will make you feel like you have the Wings of the World. From the moment KyuJong begins the first lines, until the end of the song, their amazing voices will catch your attention. The chorus is great, and the way they sing “Baby, you’re mine” really makes you believe either of these men is U R Man.

Never Ending Dream is the final track. This is by far the most beautiful song on this album, and boy, is this A Song Calling For You. Basically, these gorgeous men are trying to make a Confession and tell you they are Crazy 4 U. Never Ending Dream is a beautiful Ballad, and really brings out the amazing vocals of the members. Baritone Baby (Kim HyungJun), Angel Voice Saengie (Heo YoungSaeng) and Relaxing Center (Kim KyuJong) really make you feel warm inside. I really love this song, it’s one of my favorites on the album, and I honestly can’t wait for them to sing this live one day. If you’re sad, this song might make you cry, but it will definitely also make you feel better. Just listening to this song makes you feel loved and, when I listened to it for the first time, I instantly relaxed. The song also reminds me a little bit of Green Peas.


Overall this album is really good. Everyone sounds amazing, from HyungJun’s baritone voice, to KyuJong’s calm and beautiful tones, to the amazing angelic voice of our precious YoungSaeng. I strongly recommend listening to this album, and I hope you enjoy the diversity of the member’s voices and styles.

If you’re interested in buying SS301’s / Double S 301’s album ETERNAL 5, please click one of the links below.

Regular Edition

Limited Edition 



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