TMR: T.M.Revolution – Committed RED / Inherit the Force

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April 2016 review.

File:TMR - Committed RED lim.jpg

Album/Single: Committed RED / Inherit the Force

Artist: T.M.Revolution (西川 貴教; Nishikawa Takanori)

Review by: Mariëlle

T.M.Revolution, also known as TMR (Takanori Makes Revolution), a very popular artist in Japan, has planned a busy year for himself and his fans. Many of you will know this amazing artist from the many songs he has performed for anime, such as: Rurouni Kenshin, Sengoku BASARA, the Gundam series, Soul Eater, and his collaborations with the popular Mizuki Nana.

Early this year it was announced that Takanori would celebrate his 20th anniversary as T.M.Revolution with a single, a collaboration single (with AOA) and a new BEST album. All of these releases will be in April. On top of that, he will do another Japan tour and perform in all 47 prefectures of Japan, just like he did last year. Talk about High Pressure.

Having been in the business for so long and still being able to go strong, only proves this man is H.O.T. to the Limit.

T.M.Revolution has come back with his 37th single for us: Committed RED / Inherit the Force! The single will be released in two versions: a regular edition and a Limited Edition with DVD. The regular edition has four songs in total; Committed RED, Inherit the Force and two Re:boot versions of those same songs.

The first track on the album is Committed RED, and is used as the theme song for the PS4 game Sengoku BASARA Sanada Yukimura Den. The intro of this song will make you feel like you’re about to conquer the world, that combined with Takanori’s amazing vocals give you this amazing and badass song. I love the use of traditional instruments throughout the song; it really catches your attention because the rest of the song uses ‘heavier’ instruments.

This is definitely a song that stands out from a lot of TMR’s other work, and while it has elements of his recent styles, it’s very distinctive. Honestly, this song really did Light My Fire.

The second track is called Inherit the Force インヘリット・ザ・フォース. This song was first performed on Inazuma Rock Fes 2015, an annual music festival organized by TMR himself. Inherit the Force is quite similar in style to the songs he’s released over the past few years. The chorus is super catchy, and the whole song is just so energetic and amazing you will instantly feel good and perhaps hyper when listening to it. I honestly think this song is very badass and epic, and perfectly fits his recent music style.

The song is used as the theme song for PS Vita Game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force, making it the 6th TMR song used for Gundam (7th, if you count Imaginary Ark).

Watch the MV for Inherit the Force here (Just look at those Naked Arms):

Watch the Making of Inherit the Force here:

T.M.Revolution is destined for the music business, and has pulled off an amazing single with two epic new songs. Not that we’d ever doubt him. Inherit the Force is definitely my favorite of the two, and I am seriously looking forward to all of his other new releases. Who knows, maybe we Europeans will get lucky next year with a tour of our own.

File:TMR - Committed RED reg.jpg

If you’re interested in buying T.M.Revolution’s new single Commited RED / Inherit the Force, then click the links below:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition


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