Special Review: B.A.P – Best. Absolute. Perfect


B.A.P announced another world tour that includes Europe. During their time in Europe the group will perform in the following cities: Düsseldorf (Germany), Milan (Italy) Helsinki (Finland), London (UK), Warsaw (Poland) and Moscow (Russia). For more information about when and where to buy tickets for their performances go here.

JNL wants to spend a little more attention on these six young Korean idols that have taken over the world. While B.A.P. is Korean and not Japanese, we decided to write about them anyway because of their recent Japanese release.

B.A.P is a Korean boy band that have been active since their debut in 2012. The group had a short break in 2015 but are back, and with a bang. Not only have they returned in South Korea with two albums, Matrix and Carnival, in the beginning of 2016, they have also returned to Japan after releasing their previous four singles Warrior, One Shot, No Mercy and Excuse Me.


 With the release of Best. Absolute. Perfect they are releasing their first full length album. The album contains a total of thirteen songs with No Mercy, Power, Crash, Excuse me, and also three additional new songs. I will be talking about the new songs; New World, Kingdom and Back in Time, as those are the newest songs and have no former release in Korean. The album comes in two versions. Version A has a CD+DVD while version B only has a CD.

New World is the first song on the album and has the time of 1.07 minutes. It’s a nice introduction, that fits well with B.A.P.’s badass image that we have come to know and love. The song gives an apocalyptic vibe.

On the 4th of March the music video for Kingdom was released. Kingdom goes back to their old era regarding their music. It reminded me a bit of No Mercy and Power with the ‘Get on’. The song is upbeat but the lyrics are nicely divided between the rappers and vocalists. Kingdom is the second song of this album and it’s the title track. The music video has a dark and eerie feeling. It’s mostly black and white with sepia effect. The music video reminded me of the one from One Shot, except this time they are not criminals planning a robbery and Youngjae is not an undercover cop. In the video they are planning to make their own Kingdom, which is as the title says. They challenge the current “ruler”.
The music video changes between the story and dance parts. Songs like these are B.A.P’s strong point, they have a message and they aren’t afraid to tell it. I know their English is better than this… But like many other K-pop songs, we ignore that and still like it.

Back in Time is the third song and last new song. Out of these three is my least favorite, simple because of the instruments that are being used in the beginning. They are too high and give me an headache. I wasn’t very pleased to replay this one.  It’s an upbeat song that starts of strongly with Zelo’s rapping. After the high sounds are gone the song takes a nice change and I enjoy listening to it. The beat changes whenever someone is rapping and when the vocalists are singing, giving off a different vibe with each person.

I’m very pleased with the new songs and have to get use to the Japanese versions of the songs that had an Korean release earlier. But that aside, the album is great, the songs are great. And I like them.

If you’re interested in buying B.A.P.’s new album, please click the links below.

Type A
Type B

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Review by: Tris


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