Satsuki at Osharecon 2016

The second concert on Osharecon was 砂月 (Satsuki)! Satsuki is known for being the singer of Visual Kei band Rentrer en Soi, whom disbanded in 2008. Satsuki officially debuted in 2009 with the single Awake. Satsuki performed overseas a few times since his debut, in North America.

Satsuki is a very busy person, and is active in Music, film, theater, as a painter and other productions. As of 2016, Satsuki released his very own clothing line Sacred Traditional Kingdom Melody, for which he held his own Fashion Show at Osharecon. The fashion show started at 14:30.

During this Fashion Show, the models showed us the different shirts and hoodies that Satsuki was going to sell. All shirts had the logo of the clothing line either on the front or the back. There were male and female styled shirts, and also male and female models.

The shirts were sold at Osharecon as well. There was a special booth that sold the items. One thing that we noticed was that all the models basically wore the same shirts – as only two or three different kinds were for sale – but combined them with their own style skirts or jeans. Each model looked different this way, but all of them had a different style. It was nice to see that so many combinations were possible with just one shirt.

satsuki fashion - 01

Then at 19:30, Satsuki started his sound check. Fans weren’t allowed to watch it, like with OROCHI, which was a shame. I think some of the people who were interested in watching left during this time as it was getting dark, and they didn’t feel like waiting. Around 20:00 everyone was allowed back into the room and the show started.

Satsuki sang the following songs:

Twilight – from the album Luminous

Romance – from the single Romance

Lily –Tsukikage ni Miserarete- – from the single Lily –Tsukikage ni Miserarete-

NVN – from the album Luminous

Artemis – from the single Artemis

Selene – From the single Artemis

Fate – from the single Fate/Inside

Malachite – from the album Luminous

satsuki -- 02

After the songs he stopped to talk to us and thank us for coming to see him. He also complimented everyone on their outfits, saying we were all Oshare (which basically means we all dressed well). When the final song was over, he thanked us once more for coming, and then left. Everyone screamed for an encore, and he showed up again, and thanked us for wanting an encore. Satsuki said he didn’t expect us to wish for an Encore and that he hadn’t prepared one for us. He said he’d sing one more song for us, before he’d leave.

Eclipse – It’s a new song, that has not been released yet. Satsuki said we were the first people to hear it.

After Eclipse, Satsuki thanked the crowd one more time and then said he’d sing one last song – a second encore. That song was:

Guren no Yumiya – Another completely new song.

After the final song, Satsuki thanked us and left the stage to sign CDs and sell his merchandise to fans.

overig - 08

I personally really liked the concert.  Satsuki was very excited to see and perform for his fans, and he seemed to have a lot of energy throughout the entire performance. He was jumping around on stage, and fans got excited to do the same. I really liked his casual look; jeans and a t-shirt. It was difficult for my camera to keep up with him, however, as he moved around so much and so fast, my camera couldn’t focus well.

If you’re interested in Satsuki, and wish to support him, please buy his albums and check out the website and his Facebook:

Personal Facebook

Official Website

Satsuki - 001

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