Fashion Shows at Osharecon 2016

The fashion shows at Osharecon were probably the main reason people came to the convention. The different kinds of Japanese Fashion really stand out to people, and a lot of the convention-goers were dressed in some kind of Japanese Fashion, such as Lolita or Gyaru.

The first Fashion show was the Lolita Fashion show. I think most people who know anything about Japanese fashion or lifestyle have heard about this style. It’s generally very cute and comes in different forms. Lolita also has substyles, such as Wa Lolita (Lolita combined with traditional Japanese clothing), Gothic Lolita and so on. The Fashion show started after 13:00.

The models showed different kinds of Lolita styles, and after the Fashion Show itself they explained what each different style was. They showed us the following styles: Classic Lolita, Gothic Lolita, and Sweet Lolita.

The first model wore Sweet Lolita. Sweet Lolita is characterized with pastel colors. The style often has frills, ribbons and lace to make the outfit cuter, and is divided in a few layers.

The second model wore the same dress as the first model, but in black, giving it a more Gothic Lolita style, while the form of the dress was still Sweet Lolita.

The third model wore a dress they made specifically for Osharecon. The dress was a mix of Classic Lolita and Gothic Lolita. There was a nice print on the dress, to accentuate the style, and a ribbon in her hair.

The fourth model wore an ‘over the top’ Classic Lolita dress. OTT Classic Lolita can be recognized by the many layers of fabric, and the soft tones and colors. Classic Lolita can be nicely combined with Princess Sweet, which falls bigger in the skirt, and gives off a royal and princess like look.

The fifth model also wore Classic Lolita, but with a books print. It was a longer dress, and longer skirts/dresses are gaining more popularity in Japan. It can accentuate long legs.

The final model also wore Classic Lolita, but with navy blue and cream colors. It was combined with Princess Sweet styles, and chiffon.

lolita fs - 01

The second Fashion Show was the Harajuku Fashion Show, which started at 15:45. They showed us the following styles: Visual Kei, Decora, Shironuri, and Mori Girl.

Visual Kei is style most people  have probably heard of. It’s also popular among Japanese rock bands. VK can be dark but also colorful, but overall is seen as very tough and badass. Popular within this style is stripes, skulls and webbed motives and patterns. Basically you can do anything in Visual Kei style, as long as you stick to the ‘cool punk’ look. Studs and belts are very popular as well as platform boots or other ‘non-casual’ shoes. Visual Kei is known for its striking makeup and unusual hairstyles.

Decora is a more colorful style; While black is very popular in Decora as well, Dark pink, baby pink and neon colors are also often used. Decora is known for the many accessories worn in your hair and on your clothes.

Shironuri means ‘painted in white’ and all Shironuri fashion have white foundation to make your face as white as possible. It refers to the Geisha culture, whose faces were all painted white. There are no real rules other than having your face painted completely white, so any outfit goes. Black hair is very popular, but bright, unusual haircolors are also popular in shironuri styles. There were many Shironuri during the fashion show, such as school girl shironuri, and a French inspired Shironuri.

Mori Girl is a fashion style that uses soft, floaty dresses and cardigans. It uses natural fabrics such as cotton or wool, and often has vintage accessories with a nature theme. Colors are very natural as well, and floral patterns are sometimes used. Dark Mori, a substyle similar to Mori Girl but darker in color and style.

harajuku fs - 01

The final Fashion Show was the Gyaru Fashion Show which started at 18:00. There were many styles:

Gyaru-Kei (Rokku variant) – A very interesting and somewhat cute yet sexy style, with elements of punk and gothic. You can combine many things in this style. It can go all black, or you can combine it with many colors. It also takes some influences from Visual Kei and is quite popular.

Tsyuome is a very sexy Gyaru style. Often has over-knee boots and golden accessories. Black and white are the main colors in this style.

Oneegyaru is considered a more mature style and often worn by women who love gyaru despite being a bit older. This style can be sexy or mature, classic or feminine, and is overall more calm than other Gyaru styles.

Agejo is a style that combines sexy and flirty, and is a very glamorous fashion style. Lots of pink and golden accessories. It’s one of the older Gyaru styles, but still very popular.

Romantic Gyaru – can be worn in two ways; one being very sweet and flower patterns, but can also be in the Bohemian style. Often combined with soft colors and brown colors, never too dark.

Gyaruo – the male variant of Gyaru style. Lots of black and long clothes, but it can go all possible ways and can be combined with so many different things.

gyaru fs - 01

I personally really loved the Lolita and Gyaru Fashion styles the most. I love the cute things in Lolita, and the many colors you can use as well as the accessories. Gyaru is my absolute favorite of these fashion shows, as I loved pretty much all the different styles, and it’s something you can easily try yourself. Which of the styles was your favorite?

Review by: Mariëlle

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