TMR: Eir Aoi – “Accentier”

JNL Team presents: The Monthly Review

What is TMR (The Monthly Review)? At the start of every month JNL Team will pick a random album and/or single that was released in Japan and review it.

March 2016 review.


Album/Single: アクセンティア (Accentier)

Artist: 藍井エイル (Eir Aoi)

Review by: Mariëlle

On March 2nd, Eir Aoi released her 12th single, Accentier. The single has three new songs for us, and is released in 4 different versions: A Regular Edition, a Limited Edition, a Digimon Edition and a Digital Edition. The Limited Edition comes with a DVD that includes the 春~spring (Haru ~spring~) video clip, and Eir in Mexico City the movie. The Digimon Edition comes with a DVD as well, which has the opening video for Digimon World –next 0rder-. Eir Aoi actually wrote some of the lyrics for this single as well.

The title track is, of course, Accentier. What a powerful song this is. We all know Eir Aoi has a very powerful voice, and most of her songs have a certain power to them as well. Accentier is no different. It’s a catchy song with a very strong message and amazing vocals.

As some of you will have guessed by now, Accentier is used as a theme song for the PS Vita game Digimon World –next 0rder-. I love this song, it’s everything one expects from Aoi, and it fits great with the new Digimon as well.

Watch the MV for Accentier below:

The second song is called Close Friend. The vocals start off very strong but emotional as well. This is the slightly slower song on the single. It’s very beautiful and tells the story of a great friendship. This song doesn’t sound too sad, but the emotions you feel when hearing Aoi’s amazing vocals really do hit you hard.

The final track on this single is春~spring (Haru ~Spring~), originally a song by Hysteric Blue, and now covered by Aoi. This song already starts off great from the first note. It’s very energetic and exciting, but calms down as soon as Aoi starts singing. The chorus is more energetic again, and full of power. The song sounds like an anime opening to me, and I’m a little surprised it wasn’t picked for any. If you want to feel good and warm, listen to this song, it will cheer you right back up and give you a great energy boost. I think it’s nice of them to translate the title (Haru means Spring), but I don’t quite understand what they intended to gain from doing so.

foto van Mariëlle Möllers.

If you’re interested in buying Accentier by Eir Aoi, click the links below (Their title is the translation from Japanese to English (literally), the single itself is not called Accentia but Accentier):

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

Digimon Edition


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