OROCHI at Osharecon 2016

The first concert at Osharecon was the amazing OROCHI. OROCHI is a Visual Kei project known for their interesting ‘samurai rock’ performances. It was formerly a band, but is now a solo project. The final member, Ryu, has continued as OROCHI for a while now. OROCHI officially debuted in 2004 as a band.

OROCHI stands out with his unique blend of rock, metal and visual artistry. He keeps a strong and deep connection to the myth of Orochi, and fans can feel the thrill of the Japanese culture through the songs. Traditional Japanese instruments such as the Nohkan, Dragon Flute, Koto and Biwa, are used in the songs, which add to both the mythical and cultural touch. Even the lyrics of the songs take you back to a world of myth in ancient Japan.

Ryu (OROCHI) has samurai ancestors, which he involves in his music and performance.

For the performance at Osharecon, Ryu brought a guitarist named Haru, to perform with him.

orochi - 02

At 16:30, OROCHI began his sound check, which fans were allowed to watch. It was great to be a part of the sound check. While Ryu didn’t talk to fans much, and was very focused on getting everything right, it was great to see how these things actually work in real life. Ryu walked around a lot, spoke to the staff about things that needed to be fixed, and played his flute a few times to see how it would sound through the microphone. Something I personally liked was that he walked through the crowd many times to check if the sound was good throughout the entire room, rather than just near the stage.

Haru also walked around on stage and through the crowd for the sound of his guitar, and to check if everything sounded and looked nice from where the crowd was standing.

After about half an hour to 45 minutes, the show started. I have to say, the show was amazing. The music was really great and the traditional instruments really bring out a magical feeling.

OROCHI performed the following songs:

天女 (Tennyo; Celestial Maiden/Maiden From the Sky) – From the single 風ノ姿花伝ウ (Kaze no Sugata Hana Tsutau; Flowering Spirit)
夕凪 (Yunagi; An Evening Calm) – From the single 風ノ姿花伝ウ (Kaze no Sugata Hana Tsutau; Flowering Spirit)
不死鳥 (Fushicho; Phoenix) – From the album OROCHI
この花咲くや姫(Konohana Sakuya Hime; It’s the Blossom Princess in Japanese mythology) – From the album 百花繚乱 (Hyakka Ryouran; A Hundred Flowers Blossom)

orochi - 01

After these songs, Ryu talked to his fans, and thanked us for being present to watch his show. He said he had been in the Netherlands before, and loved to be back here. He introduced the guitarist, Haru, to us, and talked some more. After the short MC, OROCHI performed the following few songs:
般若 (Hannya; Invisible Demon) – From the album OROCHI.
春日 (Kasuga; Sunlight) – From the album Soul of Prey)
うらら (Urara; Beauty/Glorious) – From the album 百花繚乱 (Hyakka Ryouran; A Hundred Flowers Blossom)
百花繚乱 (Hyuakka Ryouran; A Hundred Flowers Blossom) – From the album 百花繚乱 (Hyakka Ryouran; A Hundred Flowers Blossom)

Here OROCHI talked to us some more, and thanked us once more for coming to see him. After this, he performed the Encore:

(SAKURA; Cherry Blossom) – from the single SAKURA / Prince Otobachibana.

At some point during the show, OROCHI brought out a Samurai sword for his performance, which was beautiful. He moved very gracefully, and it really added to his show. I have never seen an artist do such a thing before. It was definitely a nice change, and great sight. OROCHI is definitely keeping with his reputation of ‘Samurai Rock’.

At the end of the show, OROCHI told us he was changing the name from OROCHI to Ryu, and that he hoped for the support of his loving fans.

orochi - 03

OROCHI was dressed beautifully. While his clothes didn’t seem very traditional in style, it still fit the style of the mythical concept quite well. The outfit seemed somewhat military, with the golden buttons, brooches and black jacket with red lines. The different, colorful, shawls were a nice touch, and added a more ‘asian’ feel to the outfit. I especially loved his hair, it was just as amazing as the outfit itself.

After the concert, OROCHI held a signing session with Haru. Their Dutch and German staff sold OROCHI merchandise at a booth as well.

During their entire stay at the convention, Haru and Orochi walked through the building for fans and to chill on their own (before and after the performance). It was nice to see them so casual.

Overall the show was great. I loved the outfits, the artist and the songs were great. The merchandise was gorgeous, and I really liked the flute and sword. It was an amazing performance, and I would recommend this artist to anyone who’s interested in Visual Kei or something different.

If you’re interested in OROCHI, and wish to support him, please buy his albums and check out the website and his Facebook:

Personal Facebook

Official Website

Review by: Mariëlle

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