MV Review: AKB48 – Kimi wa Melody


MV/Song: Kimi wa Melody

Artist: AKB48

Review by: Tris

On the 9th of March, 2016, AKB48 dropped their 43rd single Kimi wa Melody (君はメロディー), with the music video having the same name. For their 10th anniversary AKB48 brought back the former members Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko,Shinoda Mariko, and Itano Tomomi. Also the recently graduated member Takahashi Minami returned for this music video. The director of the music video is Ninagawa Mika who also did Heavy Rotation and Sayonara Crawl. The single comes in five different versions which all include a dvd. The difference between these versions are the songs included on each version: On the A version Gonna Jump. The B version has the song Shigamitsui ta Seishun. C contains Make Noise. D has Max Toki 315 Gou, and E with Mazari Au Mono. The price of each single is around €15,00, but the price may vary depending on the shops.

Kimi wa Melody ranked on the first place of the Oricon Single Chart of week 11.

And if the return of the former members wasn’t enough, the fans also get a short, adorable quick lip touching kiss of Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko. I was surprised they even showed that in the video.

I was really surprised with this Music Video and the song itself, as I prefer not to damage my ears with high pitch voices of the J-pop groups these days, in Kimi wa Melody they sing normally. Their voices fit with the music perfectly. On top of that, the music video gives off a fun vibe; the girls are interacting with each other in their own room, which are all styled in a Japanese way. Some more traditional than others. They also show dancing shots of the whole group. Through the use of the bright colors, the accessories of the set, it feels like a summer song. I admit the cat distracted me the first few seconds. The second thing that I noticed was their clothing, whoever created that, can I contact you? Its awesome and colorful and adorable and I love it.

You can watch the Music Video here:


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