Osharecon 2016

On the 19th of March, Osharecon took place at ‘t Veerhuis in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. Osharecon is a convention focused entirely on Japanese fashion and lifestyle, and most people who came to the convention were dressed in some kind of Japanese fashion style such as Lolita or Gyaru.

We asked around a couple of times if they would allow us to take photos of their amazing outfits, and if they could tell us something about the style they’re wearing. One of the photos we took is of this amazing group, whom all dressed beautifully.

Their cute style, combined with adorable accessories and all those lovely colors made us want to take the picture. Which of the outfits is your favorite?

Osharecon’s wish is for people to gain more interest in Japanese fashion, instead of ‘just the animation, games and cosplay’. In order to accomplish their goal, the event was full of interesting things to do and see.

The convention offered many things such as lectures, workshops, concerts and, of course, fashion shows. They also had a dealer room, where people sold everything from Plushies to clothes to make up and accessories.

The opening of the convention was supposed to start at 12:30, but ended up starting around 13:00 instead due to some technical difficulties. Once it truly started, we were given some simple information about the convention and some music was played. After that, the Lolita Fashion Show started. There was also the Shironuri Showdown, but we didn’t have time to see it, as we were watching the Lolita Fashion show. After the Fashion Show, singer Marusaki Mahou performed on stage for us.

At 14:00 there was a workshop where people could decorate Pocky. The participants were given a few Pocky sticks and decorations. Some of the decorations included eatable gel in different colors and flavors, colorful sprinkles, flowers and hearts.

After the Pocky decorations there was another workshop where they taught Nail Art! Since Nail Art is really popular in Japan, and also became more and more popular in the west as well, this workshop was popular.

Participants were given 10 fake nails, and lots of different nail polishes, dotting pens, glitter, rhinestones and other decorations to turn these nails into something beautiful.

After the two workshops, the Harajuku Fashion Show started. While it was short it was fantastic and very interesting to see different styles worn in Harajuku. There was also a lecture on the Night Life in Japan, which we couldn’t attend as we were invited to the Fashion Show.

At 16:30, OROCHI started his sound check, and allowed fans to be a part of it. Half an hour to 45 minutes later, OROCHI performed an amazing show for his fans. You can read about OROCHI’s concert here.

Right after OROCHI, the Gyaru Fashion Show started. Models showed us different Gyaru styles and explained what Gyaru fashion was and how to wear it.

If you wish to read about any of the Fashion Shows mentioned above, please click here.

The final concert was SATSUKI’s. His sound check started at 19:30, but fans weren’t allowed to be there, which was a bit of a shame, seeing as some people went home after they got kicked out the stage room. At 20:00, fans were allowed back into the room, and the concert started. If you’re interested in SATSUKI’s concert, read more about it here.

Another fun thing was the Maid and Butler Café, Honey Garden, that was open from 12:00 until 19:00. It was a small and cute room; the interior was great for a Maid/Butler Café. We never got the opportunity to eat in the Café, so we’re not going to tell you about the food, but the menu looked good, and the waiters and waitresses were nice. I do have to say that it didn’t look like an actual Maid Café, in terms of there being no real ‘maids’. The waitresses weren’t dressed as actual maids, but looked more similar to regular waitresses, dressed in similar colors. That was a little disappointing. They were very nice, however, and the people eating in the café seemed to be really enjoying themselves, which is the most important thing.

The dealer room was probably one of the eye catchers of the event. While the room was absolutely packed, and sometimes a bit hard to get through, there were many great items sold and interesting things to see.

There was a huge table selling mainly Pokémon plushies, but also Digimon and Shin-Chan, and other anime related plushies. There were many stands selling accessories, such as rings, hair accessories, earrings, chokers and ribbons. Of course, Japanese clothing styles being the main theme of Osharecon, there were stands selling clothing, such as Lolita dresses and skirts.

Another great shop was Enchantalled, an online webshop that sells anime styled clothes for women, children and even babies. They also sell other merchandise. All the merchandise are hand-drawn by Chantal, the owner of the webshop. We met Chantal, and she explained to us that everything is made by her personally, though she has contracts that print her drawings onto items such as clothes. She also takes requests, so please check out her shop here and her Facebook page here.

There were a few stands selling cosplay wigs, and we even saw a few Japanese beauty products being sold, such as face masks. Another stand sold colored contact lenses. One stand sold typical Japanese snacks and drinks, such as green tea kitkat and pocky. Of course, shoes and clothes were also sold in the dealer room, but much to our surprise, there weren’t many stands that actually sold clothes at all. Most shops sold accessories, and one stand had home made accessories. Everything was hand made, and the few post cards they sold as well, were hand drawn by the artist.

SATSUKI’s show was the last interesting thing to do, and JNL Team left after it.

If you’re interested in reading about OROCHI’s concert, SATSUKI’s concert or any of the Fashion Shows, please click on the links provided. And check out our Facebook page for more photos of Osharecon!


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