fripSide to perform at Animecon 2016

Animecon has invited the popular Japanese pop and trance band fripSide to perform for us all this year. fripSide is a duo, existing of Nanjo Yoshino (vocalist) and Satoshi (synth player and composer), and debuted in 2002.

Their latest release was the single Two Souls –Toward the Truth-, which was released in December 2015. The song is used as the opening theme for Owari no Seraph season 2. You can watch their latest MV here.

fripSide is known worldwide due to many of their songs being used in anime, and Animecon will be their first performance in Europe.

If you wish to see fripSide live, just buy a ticket for Animecon 2016. fripSide will be performing on Saturday, and your ticket will give you free entry to the concert.

You can buy the tickets on the link below:


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