MV Review: Choutokkyuu (Bullet Train)


MV/Song: Yell

Artist: 超特急 | Choutokkyuu (Bullet Train)

Review by: Tris

The 11th single of Choutokkyuu is Yell and was released on March 2nd 2016. The single contains four songs: Yell, OVER DRIVE, TURN UP and Synchronism. Yell is being used as the theme song for the drama Otōsan To Yobasete, which is about an older man wanting to marry a woman who’s 28 years younger than him. For Yell the center is around Takuya.

The music video starts off with a man looking at the screen of the ultrasound of his unborn child. The video keeps showing times of the man and his daughter through different stages of their lives, like when she was a baby, a child, went to school, graduated, looking for a job, hanging out with friends, falling in love, getting married, growing older and eventually the father dies. It ends with the daughter sitting on the roof looking out, while she holds her own child.

The music video also shows shots of the boys, showing off their dance skills. Their colorful outfits are perfect. Personally I think that some of their moves are too fast or powerful to fit with a song this slow, but that’s a personal taste.

I love the story of the music video, it’s very touching and I was in need for a tissue. I’m just easily touched like that. That they continued the story of showing the daughter with her child after her father passed away, was really good and keeps the circle going on. I wish I could find the english lyrics so I could understand the song better.  The music and their voices match up perfectly and give you this warm fluffy feeling. The song is very comfortable to listen with its soft but pleasant beat. It’s not as slow as a ballad, but you can twirl around if you choose to.

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You can watch the MV here:


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