Digimon Tri: Ketsui



On the 12th of March the second movie Ketsui went in premiere, three weeks later the dvd release will follow. This is the second episode out of the six part movie from the Digimon Franchise. The third will be released in the summer of 2016 under the name “Confession” or Kokuhaku, 告白. The meaning of Ketsui is Determination and it really fit the theme. The second movie is also cut into four episodes from twenty minutes with an opening song and an ending.

Butter-fly” by Kouji Wada
Seven” by Kouji Wada

Wow. What a second part. I have more questions, but but but. I don’t want to wait for Kokuhaku. And I’m having slightly issues to not write about Joe and Mimi for this whole review because there are others. So let’s get it on~ But if it’s too much Mimi and Joe, too bad~

Before we get into the serious business we get to see a little more of their lives. They are going on a bonding time, dragging Mei-chan with them. They decide to go to a bath house. The digimons are accompanying them and Biyomon and Meicoonmon are getting in trouble and end up in the men’s section of the bathhouse… The girls find out, and can’t get in touch with the boys, but their digimon needs to be ‘saved’ so they are going in. Can we take a minute for all the hilarious moments they put in? Koushiro looking surprised letting the shower go. How adorable Takeru saves Hikaru, who’s sliding around in the bucket. Mei being happy with her glasses being damped. Tai losing his cool screaming they need to get out.

The main event is the school festival, for which Mimi and Mei-chan help with the preparations. During their shopping trip for supplies Ogremon attacks, which Mimi wants to stop. Unlike she hoped to achieve the opposite happens. Togemon accidentally attacks the chopper and the Digimon’s stay in a bad daylight.
The second main turns are between Joe and Gomamon. You see Gomamon getting sadder and sadder until he decides to run away to Koushiro’s office.

Another teenage moment is during the school festival where Hime-chan takes a photo of Mimi’s dancing and sends it to Koushiro. Who is babysitting the Digimons in his office. After receiving the photo he runs off to see it himself. It’s really adorable and cute and I like it. The third episodes continues with the school festivities and Leomon being charmed by the kitty eyes of Meicoonmon letting the Digimons come to the festival and enjoy its activities. Mimi and Mei are taking care of their cafe duties and are even dancing.


And you mister have some explaining to do, why are you back as a badguy? Where are the other kids? And what is going on?

The fourth episode is where the things are getting screwed up. Meicoonmon gets kidnapped and Palmon and Gomamon can join the world, but are fighting Imperialdramon.



BUT LET’S IGNORE ALL THAT AND FOCUS ON THE NEW DIGIVOLVES. Because why would you use all the special needs like a crest and tag and other things I forgot through the years if you can super digivolve with feels. I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m really stoked about it, specially since Palmon and Gomamon are not the main like Agumon and Gabumon, and their new forms are badass! It’s not like you don’t need to do anything, because Joe and Mimi are in a struggle with themselves, so the reason they can go all out is; Why the fluff not, and that’s great but yeah. I miss the soul searching and the items that go along with it. They did the soul searching, so I can’t nag on that but still. It’s okay that Joe doesn’t need a reason, It’s okay that Mimi is selfish, and ugh it’s perfect, because they do think about their bad habits, but they don’t need to change it that much. Because they struggled with this before, when they were younger, getting their tags and crests. I mean remember princess Mimi? She learned from it, and became a better version, not the mean bitch she was. It’s just a different form of it? Letting herself go in her excitement. As for Joe, he needs to cut the serious stuff, yes you study is important but your friends and Digimon as well, to quote Hikari “Because you are partners.” I can’t wait to have his nagging ass back in the group again.

The only downside of Rosemon are her giant boobs. She doesn’t need that..


I wish I could leave it at this, but no, bad things always happen in the Digital World. Sadly being in contact with Ken or the Bad emperor he once was. I hope its a different person stealing his image. But Hime-chan is also smirking when Meicoonmon turns dark against Leomon. Poor Leomon, after he did his best to save her. Mei-chan her digivice is also turning black and then we see a different shape of Meicoonmon.  Why, when that’s the moment Yamato and Taichi make it up again? It ends with Meicoonmon disappearing back into the Digital World.


Mei-chan really gets taken care of by the others and immediately gets involved in their lives. Mimi is always near her and Sora is also there, helping out. I love that. Hikaru is a little less in that attention group, but she tries to get Joe back so it’s not that bad.

I think for the fans that ship Yamato and Taichi together, will be more than pleased, with their interaction, although its platonic, they will see it… Like I said in the beginning, the title really works well within the theme, since it’s about the determination of being a digidestined, to choose who you are and want to be, as we can see with Joe and Mimi. The first movie had its theme as Reunion and besides Joe that happened, but even he made a short appearance, so I’m curious how Confession will be worked out as the third movie. I think it will be between Taichi en Yamato, but it would be fun if it was a more romantic meaning regarding Koushiro and Mimi. I can’t wait for it!

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Review by: Tris


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