Artist: カトゥーン (KAT-TUN)

Review by: Mariëlle

After releasing their single TRAGEDY, which we reviewed earlier this year, KAT-TUN is back in March with their 26th single UNLOCK. The song UNLOCK is used as the theme for NTV’s Kaito Yamaneko.

The video starts with some black and white shots of the members and close ups of their faces. Then that you see shots of their dance moves. After a little over a minute, the members are finally shown in color. From this point on, they switch between black and white shots of the group dancing, and color shots. At some point, they use graffiti and other black paint to spice things up a little.

Something that bothered me a little about this video is how fast they switch around the camera. It gave me a bit of a headache, but it was still pretty cool how the members ‘disappear’ and then ‘reappear’ again in these shots.

I personally love the outfits used in this video. They’re simple but they look good and classy.

There isn’t much going on in this video other than the amazing dance and the members disappearing and reappearing, however, so the remaining random shots with the graffiti made the ‘story’ behind this video a little difficult for me to understand.

There is quite a lot of English in this song, and most of it is pretty good. The only thing that confused me is, Unlock a master fake, I can break a master fake and Unlock a masquerade.

Other than that, the song is really catchy, and the beat is nice. The video is definitely interesting to watch, and the dance is great, but I wouldn’t expect too much from it. I do like how they changed from black and white shots to colored shots, it was a nice change.

Watch the MV for UNLOCK here.


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