[MV Review] Arashi – Fukkatsu Love



MV/Song: 復活LOVE | Fukkatsu Love

Artist: 嵐 | Arashi

Review by: Tris

On the 24th of February Arashi came back with their 48th single Fukkatsu Love. With its release they kick off the year 2016. The song is used as a commercial song for NTT Docomo d Hits. The single has two versions, a regular edition and a limited edition with dvd. The regular cd contains four songs and their instrumental version as well. The limited edition has the song Affection as bonus track, and a special talk on the DVD. Currently Arashi holds the number one spot of week 9 in the Oricon charts with Fukkatsu Love.

Watch the video with english subs here:

The music video: Starts off with a cab driving away and a male (played by Ikuta Toma) walking away. Then the camera is taken over by the Arashi members, following them while they switch in one motion with the camera. When the group is together the shot changes to an indoor place where they start dancing. In between the dance shots we see scenes of a couple. The woman crying and the man thinking about the pretty things of his wife/girlfriend.
The whole video has the same style, the one take shot, group shot and cuts. The switching between Arashi and the couple was done very smoothly.

The lyrics are about how the woman left without saying anything and the man rethinks everything; how he feels without her, what he took for granted but most of all he wants her back. The last part of the song is how they come back together. It even ends with Welcome back.

Fukkatsu Love is a funky style, with very easy and laid back music. The voices of Arashi really compliment the song and the lyrics. Even though it’s the “old” funky style, it doesn’t feel that old fashioned with the use of the beats. Once you listen to the song, you want to keep playing it on repeat.

I really liked the song, and I’m someone who isn’t into these kind of songs unless their are from one certain group, so that says something. What I like is that the beat and voices sound like a ballad but then the chorus comes up and the instruments change the beat and then goes back to the original sound.

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