About AmiAmi:
AmiAmi is a Japanese web shop that sells anything from figures to household things. It offers a very diverse goods to overseas and local fans.

About the boxes:
Every now and then they offer these surprise boxes. Sometimes they are new and sometimes it’s pre-owned. Depending on the boxes the prices vary. You also can choose the size. Because the boxes are released without announcement, it’s sometimes hard to get one.

What did I order?
A pre-owned grab box S box for Girls

What did it cost?
The box itself: 3580¥
Shipping tracking small package: 2640¥
Taxes: 18.90 euro

Total costs: 3580¥ + 2640¥ = 6220¥ = 49,70 euro + 18.90 = 68.60 euro.
This kinda hurts seeing it all add up.

What was inside the box~
The box, covered in all these big FRAGILE letters

The first picture is a standard one, with on the back a thank you for shopping at AmiAmi. The second photo Reiji Kotobuki from Uta no Prince Sama – Uta Pri-R Project. It’s a see through plastic.

At first you have a layer of paper for protection and after you removed that this was my first sight.
From left to right
1. Attack on titan figure: Eren Yeager.
2. Strap ??
3. Keychains from Persona 4  Golden, four pieces
4. Uta no Prince Sama – Kurosaki Ranmaru
5. Mekakucity Actors
6. Pikuriru cat
7. Phoneplug from ???


1. Yowamushi Padel. It seems that you can put the item on a mug side.
2. Tales of Friends 2: Keychain Cless Alvein
3. Touken Ranbu: 7 keychains
4. Badge with red hat ??
5. Love Heaven Charm
6. Kamigami no Asobi: Loki Laevatein post-its holder.
7. Tales of Zestiria – Mikleo badge

Next up are the wrapped things.
1. Scroll: DMMxNitro+
2. Pink ball with Haikyuu! Taketora Yamamoto
3. Grey ball; badge of ??
4. silver wrapping; a magnet in tshirt shape
5. Keychains ??


Prince of Tennis: Shitenhouji Badges.

1. Ace of Diamond – Tetsuya Yuki Phone charm
2. DMMxNitro+ ?

And last but not least; Free with Rin on an pool mattress.

Overall opinion:
I was pleasantly surprised with the Prince of Tennis badges, as I love that anime/manga very much. Other than that, I won’t keep much of this box. I was already happy I was able to get the box and didn’t expect much out of it in the first place. This was my first time ordering a box like this, and I do want to order more often, for fun. But maybe next time a slightly cheaper one since I was above the tax prices. However. For my first box I’m satisfied.

We will be using a few items for an upcoming giveaway (which is still a secret) and the other things probably will be up for sale when I get the time to sort it out.

If you happen to know where an item belongs to, please feel free to leave a comment on the website or on facebook. Also if you liked this article please like our facebook page and follow the website.


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