Owari no Seraph season 2

The second season of Owari no Seraph aired from October to December 2015.

Title: Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen
English: Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya
Japanese: 終わりのセラフ 名古屋決戦編
Genre: Action, Supernatural, Mystery, Drama, Shounen, Vampire.
Release date:  October 2015 till December 2015
Status: aired.
Episodes: 12
Opening Theme:
Two souls – toward the truth-” by fripSide
Ending Theme:
Orarion (オラリオン)” by Nagi Yanagi

One of the good things about catching up with releases of new anime, is that once you find something you like, you can keep watching it. I admit in my first season review I don’t sound that excited about the second season, but it changed. Being curious can be annoying. I wanted to know how season two went and well, I got what I wanted. And once I started I was excited to see how the story reveals itself. And now it’s over I’m feeling lost.

The story starts off where the first season ended. With Yuichiro taking a few days off and the others as well. The whole squad is getting questioned about what happened on the battlefield and with that Yuichiro is being told more about his past and family. At the same time Shinoa also finds out more information through Guren. Once they all know what’s happening, they discuss who’s side they are one, and they choose.

In the meantime Guren gets a new order from Kureto (who we saw shortly in the first season). He and the others of the Demon Moon Company are heading over to Nagoya, to kill noble vampires and keep the vampires distracted while the main unit (including Kureto) gets ready to kill the rest.

Episode_7_-_Screenshot_120.pngWhile all the troops have gathered the Shinoa squad is on their way and delayed. First because they get attacked by the Four Horsemen of John and after that battle Yu tries to jump back into the car when Shinoa orders to steer the other side and he ends up walking a bit. Playing around like this, got them late at the meeting and a scolding. After receiving punishment the Shinoa squads gets teamed up with Narumi and his team.


Once the introductions are over it’s time to start the attack. Unlike the other battles the first noble they encounter to kill, has an actual battle scene which was really nice. I personally loved this Noble because the way he looked and it’s a shame he got killed. What I like about him? Did you see him~ The top hat, the eyes, the lipstick. It’s really dramatic and I love it.


The last vampires are Crowley Eusford and his partners Chess and Horn. The three are holding the city hall of Nagoya and forced the Moon Demon Company into a trap. They took the teams as a hostage. Of Course everything comes together at that moment. Mika lands and finds a team, which the captain tells him that Yuichiro is going to the city hall. The blond prince is going after his ‘princess’, which is what Ferid likes to call Yuichiro.

Guren is being captured by Crowley and the others are forced to retreat under Shinya’s leadership. Yuichiro collapse and goes in overdrive because of the meaning Guren has for him. He runs of and the others have no other option than to chase after him. After another escape they have no choice to leave Guren behind again and they flee to the Airport where they should find a chopper to help them escape. During their flight they run into Mika who sees Yuichiro passed out and goes berserk attacking them. During the fights Shinoa decides Mika should take Yuichiro and lets them go, fighting those who want to stop Mika and Yuichiro.

While Mika battles himself for being hungry for blood, the others are still running. In the end Yuichiro seems to be okay with Mika being a vampire if that means he can live. Yuichiro rather has him like that then losing him again. Mika on his turn tries to run away with Yuichiro from the humans, they are both used as experiments and he’d rather hide from both. Yuichiro understands him, but he can’t abandon his friends, his family. After convincing Mika they both return to the meet up with the other at the airport.

At the airport our heroes find out, there isn’t going to be any saving for anyone. Kureto has his own plan which he gladly sacrificed his own man and the vampire for. The Demon Moon Company tries to fight Kureto but it get’s worse. Yuichiro and Mika arrive and try to help out, leaving it to the battle of the monster inside of Yuichiro and the new created Seraph of the end, which happens to be Kimizuki’s sick little sister Mirai. In order to save everyone Yuichiro transforms into the monster out of his own will. The monster of angel is called the King of Salt, and like its names states, it attacks with salt. Which was really awesome. I have never seen that been used as a power.

The anime ends with Yuichiro, Shinoa, Kimizuki, Yoichi, Mitsu and Mika on the beach, ready to return back. Saving Guren from himself. At the same time you can see Kureto and his man standing at Sanguinem. The vampires are standing on a platform somewhere else, waiting for a new vampire noble to arrive.

Besides killing and getting killed, this season has a lot of character development and they talk a lot more about their past and you can see the growth between them. A few questions get answered, but also few new ones appeared. Shinoa goes from the playing innocent sarcastisch teasing person that she is, to one that is concerned for her team, even so much she breaks the rules and ends up being a traitor in the last battle. Mika realizes that not everyone wants to use Yuichiro and even switches sides. The vampire Queen Krul Tepes even seems to want Mika to succeed. Ferid is the traitor himself, planning things. Crowley is too adorable to be a bad guy. Guren, oh poor Guren, how can you let yourself be used like that? And Kureto needs to get hit by a truck. How can they follow him? Besides saving humanity but at what costs? And what happened with the adorable Shinya? I hope he is okay.

Overall I really liked this season and wished that there was more. I need that third season! Like I said in the beginning, I will start on reading the manga so I find out more information, because the anime is leaving too many plot holes.

Fun fact:
x – fripSide who’s singing the opening will be coming to Animecon 2016 in the Netherlands. For more information check their website.
x – For those who have been raised with the bible (and have a better memory than I do) they used the apocalypse theme. The four horsemen of John, The angels that bring destructions, the trumpets announcing a disaster, the god of destruction, the king of salt and more.

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Review by: Tris


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