MV Review: Kiryu – 己龍

MV/Song: 彩 (Irodori)

Artist: 己龍  (Kiryu)

Review by: Mariëlle

On january 8th, during the one man live, Kiryu announced through a video that they would be releasing a new single. It would be their 14th maxi single. The title of the single is Irodori.

For those who don’t know, Irodori is a term that refers to a harmonization of colors/Assortment of colors, and basically means coloring and brilliance or colorful.

And Colorful is the only right way to describe this video.


The video starts with Kiryu’s logo, and a shot of a quiet but beautiful Japanese styles home or temple. A little girl walks onto the property and finds a Kaleidoscope. Up until now, everything is filmed in such a way that the world seems without much color. The girl looks inside the kaleidoscope, and that’s where the colorful mv truly starts.

Beautiful pink and red colors throughout the entire video, and the décor is just lovely as well. The members have done a great job; their hair is just as colorful as the title. Origami swans, cute and colorful lanterns, and lights make the room the band is standing in look amazing. Even the clothing the members wear is colorful; Lots of purple and pink, but also red, blue and green, and some gold.

Everything about this video is exactly as the title suggests: colorful. Even the instruments the band members use are kind of colorful.

Basically, the room has many traditional Japanese styled things, and the clothes the members wear are a combination of modern and old Japanese styled clothing.

Every once in a while you will see shots of the girl and the kaleidoscope she’s holding. She looks a bit sad that her world is so dark, while the kaleidoscope holds so much color. The girl starts playing near the temple for a while; I think that her attitude changed because of all the vibrant colors she just saw in the Kaleidoscope.  You even get to see her pray. You see a sunset for a few seconds, and the girl smiles a few times as you get further into the mv. At the end of the MV, the girl stops looking through the Kaleidoscope and smiles brightly, as if her world gained more color. The shot is still dark, however, to show contrast between Kiryu’s world and the girl’s.

The outfits and the setting, the makeup and the hairstyles; Everything fits the style of the song really well. And I really like how they made the girl’s ‘world’ so dark as if the current world is gloomy and needs more color, and when you see the members, their room is so colorful. As colorful as the beautiful vibrant patterns inside a kaleidoscope.

All in all I really like the song and the MV. Both are colorful and vibrant, and I love how they combined all these beautiful colors with their own interesting culture. The child is adorable, and the members look fabulous in their outfits. Despite the fact that nothing really happened in the video (other than the girl) and the members didn’t do much in the MV, I admit I haven’t seen something this colorful and interesting in a while. The MV can really make your day, as the colors just truly make you feel excited and happy.

Watch the MV for 彩 (Irodori) here:




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