JNL Team presents: The Monthly Review

What is TMR (The Monthly Review)? At the start of every month JNL Team will pick a random album and/or single that was released in Japan and review it.

February 2016 review.

Album/Single: Tragedy

Artist: KAT-TUN

Review by: Mariëlle

KAT-TUN has been on a small hiatus but is finally back with their new single TRAGEDY. The single is their 25th single, and was released in 3 different editions: A regular edition, and two limited editions. The regular edition has 6 tracks, out of which two are karaoke versions of the first two tracks on the single. The limited editions both only have two songs, and a DVD with a music video and a making of.

TRAGEDY is the title track, and it’s described as Urban Rock. This song is used as the opening theme for Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns (The File of Young Kindaichi Returns). TRAGEDY is a song with a good, heavy beat and fast verses. While the song is good, the rhythm of the lyrics and the music are so different in style that I can’t call it ‘catchy’. I still like the song a lot, though.

The second track is 熱くなれ (Atsuku Nare), and it’s the theme song for Going! Sports & News. It reminds me of a pop dance song, and I think it would fit perfectly for an anime. It’s a catchy song from start to finish and I really like it.

The next track is FEATHERS. The song starts with heavy bass and drums, and from the start it’s interesting. I really like the chorus of this song, it gives even more feeling to the song.

TWILIGHT is the fourth and final track of the album. It’s a beautiful ballad that makes their vocals stand out. For a slow song, TWILIGHT is very catchy.

All in all I really like the album, it’s a good new single for fans who have been waiting for a new release. I suggest this single to anyone who’s interested in KAT-TUN.

If you’re interested in buying TRAGEDY by KAT-TUN, click the links below:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition Type A

Limited Edition Type B


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