Sailor Chibi Moon Inspired Make Up

The anime inspired makeup series.

Each week there will be an anime inspired makeup look uploaded. It can be a series or just a random choice. The looks vary from daily wear to more dramatic and are always a surprise.
The first anime series we will be doing are the Sailor Senshi from the anime Sailor Moon. The franchise also has its own makeup line which we will be talking about later in a review.

She wasn’t planned to be in the series this early but I got an a pink lipstick and it screamed Sailor Chibi Moon. And by the lack of other ideas, I went along with it. The colors I used are pink and white, because those (and a little red) are her main colors.


For this look I didn’t do much besides my eyes. I only added my bb cream and concealer. You can do your basic as you want it with highlight and contour.

The Lips.
To get a little motivation the first thing I did was smearing the lipstick on, because of its bright and vibrant color. Look the how pink it is~ I still have to get use to lipstick on my face with feeling weird, so hence I don’t overdraw my lips. Maybe in the future, since my upper lip is very thin, but for now this was okay.


And while we are at it, the pink lipstick is Candy Crush Matte from the store Etos. Which is a Dutch store (as far as I know.. correct me if I’m wrong~) and I don’t remember the price. Probably not that expensive (as we dutch say, we like cheap stuff) Either Way~ on to the next thing.

The eyes:
Where to start. At first I used white eyeshadow as a base and blended it with the pink in the corners of my eyes. Once that was to my liking I worked on the outer part and making sure it was bright enough. Just below my eyebrows I added a shimmery white. Then, I took a Q-tip and some make up remover and in the crease I removed the pink and white colors, leaving it with my own color. For the wing I used a white eye pencil and made the line, adding a little pink color to create a fun look.

When everything I blended and worked out everything neatly I used some mascara and decided that Fake Lashes would be fun to use. I’m aware that on the photo one lash is annoying but it also was with putting on and this is pretty close to my natural line so no empty spaces between the fake and my own lashes.
As you can see these fakes are huge, and I love it, but they get in the way of my glasses. I still wanted to show you the difference with lashes and not (with Mars and Jupiter). As always it’s optional.

But after all of this I wanted to do more with Chibi Moon, but how? I lack glitters and I tried working with silver colors, but that wasn’t it. But then.. Luna P. We all know the balloon cat that can do tricks right? No matter where Chibi is Luna P is there too. So the idea was there, but where would I use it. I just drew Luna P on my cheek, made the eyes with the silver eyeliner and tried making a moonish shape on the forehead of it.

So that was it for our Chibi Moon Makeup Look. If you like it, please give the post a like or head over to our Facebook and like us there to get updates. Also don’t forget to hit the follow button.

Don’t try and do that with lipstick that doesn’t stay on.. You end up cleaning it~

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