Owari no Seraph Season 1


In 2014 it was announced that the manga of owari no Seraph would get an anime adaption. It would be split into two season of which each season would have 12 episodes. The first season would run from April 2015 till June and the second season would be from October to December.

Title: Owari no Seraph
English: Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
Japanese: 終わりのセラフ
Genre: Action, Supernatural, Mystery, Drama, Shounen, Vampire.
Release date: April 2015 till June 2015
Status: aired.
Episodes: 12
Opening Theme:
X.U.” by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Gemie
Ending Theme:
scaPEGoat” by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Yosh

Humanity stands on the brink of extinction; a deadly virus is killing nearly everyone over the age of thirteen, leaving all the children alone in a cruel world. While the world crumbles, the Vampires rise, making sure their food won’t die out. They take the children as livestock into a city under the ground. Two of those children are Yuichiro Hyakuya and Mikaela Hyakuya, brothers through a orphanage. Being captive of the vampires doesn’t hold back Yuichiro from dreaming to leave the place and killing all the vampires. While he openly tries to pick a fight with them, Mika is trying to plot an escape in secret and offers his blood to a noble vampire to get information.

When Mika finally has everything planned out they try to escape with the whole family. Unfortunate escaping has a price and only Yuichiro makes it out alive. He runs into the arms of the remaining humans, who are adults and fight against the vampires. They call themself “Vampire Extermination Unit.” Taking Yuichiro in, they promise that once he is strong enough he can fight along side them.

After the introduction the anime skips four years in which we see Yuichiro struggling to get into the Vampire Extermination Unit because its team leader Guren has other plans for now.

This is an confusing anime. I really want to say its awesome and yet it wasn’t. I’m not sure what the problem was, but I couldn’t focus very well. The story development kept me bound to watch it, but when they fight they cut so much. We all complain when battles have a lot of talking and twenty episodes of a battle that could be cut more in half of that time, but Owari no Seraph is the other end of that… You can see the start of the battle and then suddenly it’s all over. The battle that you do see are so short and not even impressive. The anime mostly works up to the last battle which again, lacks any real battles. You then see the reunion between Yuichiro and Mika, which has an awful timing. I also think they could have shown more backgrounds (story- and characterwise) and give some more information.

Owari-no-SeraphYou could say that Yuichiro is the typical main, but yet there something different, he doesn’t want to be the best, he just wants to revenge his family. He’s not interested in spending time in school learning things that don’t help him fight against vampires. He tries to be the tough guy, but it fails. He is too concerned about the safety of others even if he won’t admit it out loud yet. When he is partnered with Kimizuki, Kimizuki rather fails which lets him miss the chance to be with his baby sister, and Yuichiro tells him to go to his sister. Yuichiro is reckless and does things without thinking, and doesn’t care to prove someone wrong just to safe a person. So that’s the typical main behavior we know anime/manga has.

My main problem is Mika, being raised with vampiresmaxresdefault has brainwashed him, but how bad? Why is he so sure that the humans are horrible? He was one before and, yes, they kill vampires but he isn’t very thrilled about being one himself. Which brings me to the next question, running away with Yuichiro, where would he go? He has strings with the vampire queen he can’t cut loose and Yuichiro would rather die than change, so how does he think it will work out? Further more does he know anything that happened with Yuichiro? Because all he wants to do is save him.

vlcsnap_2015_06_13_19h16m55s556So far I find the vampires mysteriously annoying. I love them being the bad guys and everything they do to keep their livestock alive. I mean if I was a vampire and my foodsupply suddenly got reduced I would make sure they are “safe” too, so I can’t blame them for doing that but what else is going on? Why does the Queen have her eyes set on Mika. What took them so long to step out of the shadow if they are so strong?

shinoa-drivingMy favorite character is by far Shinoa. I just love her. She is everything. Sassy to the bone and doesn’t really care what you think of her. An example is when Yuichiro tries to get rid of her, she just follows him around, teasing him. Shinoa seems to know a lot and often keeps a mysterious vibe around. But be aware, if you call her short, your end has come. Which is hilarious as we find out while Kimizuki and Yuichiro laugh at her for being too short to drive a car.

Did you know?
x – Episode 13 to 24 was different from the manga and written under Takaya’s Kagami’s supervision.
x – Besides two seasons, there is a special DVD called Owaranai Seraph. A special OVA called Kyuuketsuki Shahar Jump Festa. And a recap from the first season called The Beginning of the End.


Review by: Tris



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