Sailor Jupiter Inspired Make-Up

The anime inspired makeup series.

Each week there will be an anime inspired makeup look uploaded. It can be a series or just a random choice. The looks vary from daily wear to more dramatic and are always a surprise.
The first anime series we will be doing are the Sailor Senshi from the anime Sailor Moon. The franchise also has its own makeup line which we will be talking about later in a review.

Our second Sailor Senshi is Jupiter. And who doesn’t love this tomboyish girl who thinks every handsome male looks like her ex? The colors I chose were green and pink.


From my nude pallet I’m using the green. I have tons of green on my color palette but when I tried them out, I personally found them a bit to light for Jupiter.  As you can see it’s the only dark green I have in the nude palette. For pink I have a lot of options but I really liked one pink color. The best way to try and match your colors is to test it on you hand, and don’t be afraid to have you whole hand covered, that way you really can see with colors pops out the best with each other. My choice is the pink in the green square~It’s a really soft pink and next to the green it stands out. Below the palette photo is my test photo. As a highlight below my brows I used a shimmery green with reflects with light shine on it.

Lets all curse at the sun being in the way~

IMG_1398 IMG_1399

The basic:
Prepare you face as you always do.

My basics is: A layer of day cream, bb cream, concealer, contour and highlighting and make sure to set everything with translucent powder so your make up can’t run down. Once everything has the satisfied effect, you can start on your eyes.

Start your base with eye primer, this way the color really pops. To start off I used the green in my crease and blended it upwards towards my brow with my improvised fluffy brush. I kept adding green and blending it until I had the result that I wanted. The skin between my brows and the green of the crease got blended with a shimmery green, and I blended them in together. I used the shimmery green as highlighter. When I was done with the green, I went back to the pink and blended that in and put it under my eye as well. Then came the struggle with the eyeliner and mascara. Don’t poke yourself in your eye… Because of that, my mascara smudges all over my lower pink line. How did I fix it? Concealer! Always cheat with concealer if you can. So I had to redo the left lower pink eyeshadow but it worked out. Once you did you eyeliner how you liked, I gave mine a little wing and a thin line so you can see the green and pink eyeshadow. Mascara and done you are~.
Of course you can fill in your brows or shape them as you want but I like my brows~


You can use contact lenses or fake lashes if you please. For the effect fake lashes has the best effect, however, fake lashes might not always work when you wear glasses. It’s possible with shorter lashes, but I don’t have them at the moment. In case you want to put them on, first apply mascara on your lashes and then stick glue the fake lashes, if you want you can use mascara on the fake lashes but it will ruin it, so that depends on how much you want to recycle/re-use your fake lashes..

At first I chose a pink reddish color. As a highlighter I dipped my finger in the pink eyeshadow and dipped it on the middle of my lips and blended it a bit.

IMG_1449 IMG_1453 IMG_1455


The brushes i used
The products I used~ The Lipsticks and the green shimmer are old brands.



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