Special Review: Girugamesh – Chimera

As a preview for the upcoming Girugamesh tour, JNL Team has decided to give you guys a little treat: an extra album review this February. We will be reviewing Girugamesh’s new album, Chimera. This album has a special European edition that was released this February.

Album/Single: Chimera

Artist: Girugamesh

Review by: Mariëlle.

Girugamesh came back earlier this year in January with their new album, Chimera! Chimera has a similar taste to Girugamesh’s older releases from back when they were starting out, but also has a similar feel to their other album, Gravitation.

The mini album Chimera has 7 tracks, including an introduction song and a remix as Bonus track from Gravitation. The album comes in three versions: Type A, which has 7 tracks and a DVD from their live FINAL ONEMAN at Shinkiba. Type B, which also has 7 tracks and a DVD document. The final version is the European Edition, which has 6 original tracks and 5 extra tracks (which are un-remixed songs from their Gravitation album), and also includes the FINAL ONEMAN performance.

The first track on the album, the introduction, is an interesting track that reminds me of the theme of a boss battle in a game.

Slip Out is the second track on the album. It starts out quite exciting, like a gaming track as well, but quickly runs into a fast rock song. It’s a refreshing song.

Chimera is a great track, a bit heavy but that’s what we love about Girugamesh. The track fits great with their former style, and compliments this album greatly. It’s an amazing title track for sure. The chorus is my favorite part.

Whither Mind, the 4th track on the album, starts out in a way that reminded me of an anime opening, but after a few seconds the song gets much heavier and the vocals really made this song stand out. Some parts of this song reminded me of an Abingdon Boys School song.

Horizon is a track that sounds a lot like a Happy hardcore or speedcore song, but mixes lots of different music styles throughout the song. When looking at the title, you would never expect this song to sound the way it does. None the less, the song is very interesting and fits the rest of the album quite well.

The final track on this album is called END. This is probably my favorite song from the album. It starts out mysterious but badass, and the song starts out bold and then calms down a lot, before returning to their badass chorus. The different styles in this song really make it stand out.

If you’re interested in buying Chimera by Girugamesh, click the links below.

Type A

Type B

If you wish to purchase the European Release, please contact Gan-Shin records for more information.


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