Sailor Mars Inspired Make Up

The anime inspired makeup series.

Each week there will be an anime inspired makeup look uploaded. It can be a series or just a random choice. The looks vary from daily wear to more dramatic and are always a surprise.
The first anime series we will be doing are the Sailor Senshi from the anime Sailor Moon. The franchise also has its own makeup line which we will be talking about later in a review.

The first sailor is Sailor Mars. The sailor of fire and passion and I just love her attitude. Why pick her first? I have no idea. I was working on colors for Tuxedo Mask but the problem is Tuxie is black and rose red and Mars is also red and black… so I wasn’t sure which to use it for. But then I remembered the color of Mars her bow, which is purple. Being so excited to work with purple I decided to kick off with Mars.


Let’s go~

Basic/ Face:

For my base I’m using a daycreme and bb cream. I’ve got a very dry skin so if I don’t use a hydration cream, my make up just walks right off my face. I’m using bb skin79 for dry skin, because foundation and vampire paleness are really hard to match and I don’t like it to rub it. Bb Cream covers up everything and matches to you skin. It also covers my beautiful all year rudolph the rednose reindeer nose I have. Once that I done I applied concealer. After that, you set your makeup with translive powder. Before I start my eyes I’m gonna do the highlight and contour, but I personally don’t like a heavy contour so it’s just up to what you like for daily wear. Not that you see the contour in my case but that’s okay for me.

Once you satisfied smack some primer on your eyes and you are ready to go.

Eyes~ :


This is the second time, because I screwed up my eyeliner and thought it was to heavy for Mars. It would be more a vampire night makeup than just daily. So hence I started anew.  I decided to go with a smokey eye effect and purple colors. I mixed a dark purple with a dark blue (because the purple shades looked too much like the same color). I started at the end of my eye and in the crease to get the smokey color. Blend it in and once you satisfied at a lighter color in the middle and blend those. In the corner of your eye you put the lightest color you have. And blend them all together.

Where did my eyeliner run off to? I decided that black would be too harsh and my purple one didn’t stand out, so I lined my waterline with a white pencil and underneath there I added the purple eyeliner. I used some mascara and done~ And no. I didn’t do my eyebrows because I like it like this and if I color them, they get to harsh, so fluffy brows~

Optional: Fake lashes. The reason I didn’t put them on, is because I didn’t feel like wearing contacts. At the moment the only I have are the big heavy ones, which get against my glasses if blink. If your really want to see me with the fake lashes let me know in the comments and I will show you guys~ But for this look, the focus was on how to wear it with glasses.

For my lips I first lined my lips with a red liner and filled it with a red lipstick. And if I could I would name them, but they are old…Still pretty but old and nameless by time… Either way. Once you done that, pick a purple tone of eyeshadow and start in the middle of your lip. You can also highlight it with a lighter color if you want.

And since this explanation isn’t my best; please watch it here for an better impression.~


Day cream garnier moisturiser
Bb Cream skin79 for dry skin
Translucent Powder
One name less pallet with a lot of colors~
Miss Manga Mascara
Red lipstick
Eye Primer
Purple Eyeliner


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