Dragon Ball Super: The resurrection of F Arc.


The resurrection of F is the second arc from Dragon Ball Super. The short series has, like the Battle of Gods, a movie from which they retold. The second arc covers the episodes 15 to 27.

Dragon Ball Super Resurrection of F saga.

Episodes Arc: 15 – 27
Airing: Currently airing.
Opening: Excellent dynamic by Kazuya Yoshii
Episodes 13 – 25: Starring Star by KEYTALK
Episodes 26 and onwards: Light Pink by LACCO TOWER

It begins with fillers that are about mr. Satan. He tells a story about how he fought Beerus and gets challenged by a new alien. Whis visiting the Earth with a deal that Bulma would have him taste all the nice food the Earth has to offer. Vegeta finds out about it and begs Whis to train him.

After that we get a time skip of more than half a year. Vegeta has gone of training under Whis, and Pan has been born. We get a shot of Frieza in the Earth hell, which consist from a flower field, singing plushies and fairies. I thought that was hilarious. Anyway, through series of events Frieza gets resurrected and attacks the earth as revenge.

Goku-vs-frieza-1024x576I didn’t feel like watching the movie and the anime to spot the differences and I dreaded the moment I had to watch the arc, I think it’s because of Frieza… Because of some reason at home, I started the anime to avoid something. Unlike the BoG I wasn’t feeling slow and trying to get through it once I started. I love Whis. Just his eating addiction and reaction to the good food. The art is the same as the first arc and didn’t annoying me as much in the beginning but some shots that get the extra shading still give it the cartoon style, which is such a shame.

But why did they revive Frieza? Yes, I know the reason in the anime/movie, but you have thousands of universes to pick a bad guy from and you revive and annoying ugly alien that got a new upgrade in gold. Who thought that was a good idea? Frieza still gives me the creeps with his high pitch creepy laughing, but he got smarter, he actually trained before trying out on kill the earth. There is just one other thing I don’t understand, way back in the past, Goku beat Frieza with being a super saiyan. And now only after four months of training Frieza is so super strong that he can take on a Super Saiyan God… I think they overpowered him too much even with training, look how long it took the saiyans to get stronger and there are years between that. Annoying. Not that Frieza is the only puppet that got pulled out of the afterlife, no, we have another familiar face. I totally forgot he even existed…. Or may have missed that back in the day… Both could be very possible…
Before I forget; another point I enjoyed is that they made Vegeta the viewers, what do I mean? Like the viewers are impatient with the fight of Goku and Frieza, so is Vegeta, he constantly yelling at them to hurry up and to finish. Which is what we do as well, why play with something that is supposed to be locked in the adorable Hell of Earth.

Plus side: Gohan is gonna pick up his training. Yay. We all remembereddragon-ball-super the cell saga where he had the potential to surpass Goku. So I’m curious how far he will go this time to protect the people he cares about. Because, let’s be real, fighting in a training suit looked really stupid… Oh, wait, he couldn’t find his fighting suit (shame on me, I forgot its name..) Gohan…

The characters of the third arc “Champa Saga” also have been showed blowing up planets; Vados and Champa. The third saga starts at Episode 27 and its unknown until which episode it will run. The next review will be the Champa arc as soon as they finished airing it so stay tune.

Review By: Tris


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