Dance with Devils


In March 2014 the game was released for Playstation Vita. That date was also the release date of the manga with the name “Dance with devils – Blight-“. In October 2015 the game/manga got an anime release with twelve episodes. It’s currently unknown if the anime gets a second season. The musical adaption will start on March, 3rd 2016 in Tokyo with 14 performances. In the musical, the audience are taking the role of the main character Ritsuka. You can watch the teaser of it here.

Title: Dance with Devils
Genre: School, Shoujo, Romance, Vampire, Demons, Supernatural, Exorcism, Reverse Harem insert.
Release date: October 2015
Status: aired.
Episodes: 12
Opening Theme:
Episode 1:  “Yami no Hanayome (闇の花嫁)” by Grimoire ensemble
Episode 2 – 11: “Kakusei no Air (覚醒のAir)” by Wataru Hatano
Ending Theme:
Episode 1: “Kakusei no Air (覚醒のAir)” by Wataru Hatano
Episode 2 – 12: “Mademo★Iselle (マドモ★アゼル)” by PENTACLE★ (Soma Saito, Wataru Hatano, Takashi Kondou, Subaru Kimura, Daisuke Hirakawa)

The story is about a girl name Tachibana Ritsuka, who has a normal life until her seventeenth birthday. Her mother gets kidnapped and the people she knows aren’t who they seem to be. She ends up in a war between vampires and devils who believe she has the key to a special grimoire, that can give someone ultimate power and power to rule the world.

The main guys are: Kaginuki Rem, Tachibana Lindo, Natsumezaka Shiki, Sogami Urie, Nanashiro Mage and Roen.

For devils they are nice. They all have their own character and are not jerks per se, but they can be mean, but that’s okay. They are devils after all.

a11b4bb3ba448d1fa402ac3dc62cc91f195Rem tries to be this dark, mean devil but when it comes to Ritsuka he can’t help saving her every time the others try and use her for finding information about the grimoire. The first time Rem saves her, is when the vampires are attacking her after they captured Ritsuka’s mother. During that event Rem convince Ritsuka that it’s safer to spend the night at his place. To show Ritsuka he means well, he uses his family name and power to find Ritsuka’s mother in the vampire den. Rem quickly realise what the price is for the grimoire and with that knowledge he seems to stop pursuing Ritsuka. But when the vampires get her, friends and foe unite to save her life. With a little help of his friends to help him acknowledge his feelings for Ritsuka.

tumblr_inline_nxblsxptqC1qzjnd4_1280.pngMage. The macho. The one that trashed the place with his strength. And a complete cinnamon roll. He often fights with Urie. Mage is someone who tries to be this tough, mean guy, but is really not that bad. During one of the episodes he tries to find out about the grimoire and breaks down the door of the classroom and kidnaps Ritsuka by jumping out the window. During that episode you can see his nicer part yet also his demon side. At one point in the episode he get flustered and drops Ritsuka in the ocean in surprise of that feeling. Which was really sweet and funny.

The last devil is Urie. Whom is actually a jerk. He is sneaky, manipulative and doesn’t  have any problem with going behind Rem’s back and tricking Ritsuka multiple times. He’s popular with the girls and with even used his skill of Hypnosis to create his own female army. Yet, even though he does all this, when it comes down to it, he stands next to Rem and fights alongside him to save Ritsuka.

tumblr_inline_nxb7m6MKuC1tn98y1_1280Shiki is definitely the weird one. He is a fallen angel with a fetish for getting hurt or hurting someone. It’s actually funny and you are wondering why he wants that grimoire as a fallen angel he doesn’t belong on either sides. He often tortures Roen in dog form. Brushing it and pulling out the hair or nearly stabbing him. Okay that sounds mean, which wasn’t the case it’s really funny. The guys are making fun of Shiki and he approaches Roen asking if he thinks that too. But Shiki is holding a scissor and Roen thinks he will use it on him, so he barks back… Which makes Shiki mad and stabs the pillow above Roen.

leuwenBecause of Roen’s reactions he was my favorite in an instant and I was wondering what he was, besides able to shapeshift. As a dog he often gets in situations with Shiki and doesn’t mind biting him back, which he often does. He is from origin a Cerberus and when he changed to human he becomes a short guy with blue hair. He is very manipulative and sly. The first time he changed in front of Ritsuka he gets shoved off her lap. Unlike the others Roen doesn’t work for Rem, but he works for the previous Demon King Maksis, who has been defeated and sealed away because of Rem’s father. Roen is also the first that tells Ritsuka more about the grimoire.

tumblr_inline_nxb2oxxHDu1tn98y1_1280.pngAnd last but not least we have our dear brother Tachibana Lindo. Oh dear… Lindo is sweet and adorable and really awesome as a brother but also creepy with his crush on her. And an exorcist and half a vampire. These powers give Tachibana a great advantage but sadly he has been raised by his grandpa, who surpresses those powers through exorcisms to keep them under control. It doesn’t help, however, because when his beloved baby sister gets attacked by vampires and kidnapped by devils, he uses the exorcist power to protect the house so the devils and vampires can’t enter. Unfortunately for him, his sister rather runs off than staying put. The weird part was that he had a crush on her. She is your sister… well, later you find out a bit more about the family tree, but still she is family. So that is weird. To make sure Ritsuka is happy, he keeps his own feelings to himself (after confessing) and lets her decide her own fate and lover.

tumblr_inline_nwy9imbPDm1tn98y1_1280Tachibana Ritsuka is a girl that will hit you if you offend her. Yay. I like these kind of girls way better than the mary-sue things. Ritsuka’s first encounter with the student council shows that she doesn’t allow things that aren’t true. She rebels against the main male characters and they are impressed. When Ritsuka comes home that day her house is being robbed and she finds her mother injured, she can’t call the police so she leaves to get them. When she returns with the police the ruined garden and house aren’t what she left behind. Ritsuka is a nice person, but will stand up for herself. Even when she finds out that everyone is a devil she still believe Rem isn’t that evil; he helped a lot with her mother. Because of her mother’s kidnapping Ritsuka is a bit naive and easily believes what the guys say. Her only weakness is that she keeps believing them. However, when everyone keeps getting hurt and killed, Ritsuka makes the decision to stop it herself.

Overall, I was really surprised with this anime. I’ve seen anime and played some otome games and in most of them the female lead characters are these annoying girls that are useless and very mary-sue-ish. When I came across DwD I had my doubts but reading some comments about that Ritsuka was different I decided to try it, skeptically. But it was the absolute best. Ritsuka actually slaps and scolds them and I enjoyed that. But besides Ritsuka’s character, the story is also good and the progress with each episode really makes you want to watch more. The anime ends with a semi open ending which can lead up to a second season (though there is no information about that). Personally I hope they make a second season!
The plot and characters fit well and it works. One of my favorite things were the songs they used in the episodes. It adds something and yet tells something more about them with the lyrics. Each episode I waited with excitement for the moment the songs would play. The vampires in the anime are also hilarious. Their reason for the grimoire is the same as the devils but they are way sneakier and darker and eviler than the devil’s, going as far to kidnap the mother of Ritsuka and hurting her friends. They don’t get that much air time in the beginning which makes you wonder what they will do next.

While I was researching information I discovered that Dance with Devils is from Rejet, which also created Diabolik Lovers, and if you are curious what I wrote about  please head over here~.

Review by: Tris


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