Diabolic Lovers

Season one:


Title: Diabolik Lovers
Genre: Harem, School, Shoujo, Vampire
Release date: October 2013
Status: aired.
Episodes: 12
Opening Theme:
Mr. SADISTIC NIGHT” by Hikaru Midorikawa and Kousuke Toriumi (eps 2-12)
Ending Theme:
nightmare” by Yuki Hayashi

Diabolik Lovers is an otome game from origin. In the game, the player plays the role of Komori Yui. She just moved town and arrives at a mansion. Through various options the player can choose different answers and stories and in the end find out her love interest.

The anime contains seven male vampires, a human and a crazy undead that wants to live again. What can possible go wrong? Don’t get me started on that though, because the character of Yui and the boys are highly annoying and I felt more than once to punch each one of them. Just because they use you for breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t mean you just have to let them…. Throw something at them, even kick them.. and maybe making an vampire mad isn’t the smartest thing to do, but atleast you’re entertaining to watch… anything but just lay there and let them bite you. But if you put that aside the series is easy to watch. The art is really beautiful and you get curious about the background of the boys and their mysterious uncle. And while we are at it, why did none of those women mind that they had to share their husband? The anime takes most of the episodes to get an interesting story, beside Yui trying to find out why her father sent her to them. The episodes itself are rather short (around fifteen minutes including the opening and ending). I personally think thats a good decision because most of them are about how Yui is dumb enough to get alone with them and play dessert.

My favorite moment in episode twelve, after the ending song. At that moment you get a shot of the guys telling what they do when you choose their options. I admit Kanato is scary but the others are nice…. as nice they can be considering their passion to make you their personal dessert…. Once those shots are finished it ends with the door of Cordelia being locked.



The OVA is a special episode that was released with the new game Dark Fate that was released on February 26th in 2015.

The ova starts off with the introduction four new males, and Yui having gone missing. And when she finally returns home, surprise! She gets bitten … again… The beginning gives you more questions about the new characters. Questions and no answers and Ayato being possessive as ever…
And with this, the introduction for the new males for the second season has come to an end.


Season two:

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood


Title: Diabolik Lovers More, Blood
Genre: Harem, School, Shoujo, Vampire
Release date: September 2015
Status: aired.
Episodes: 12
“Kindan no 666” (禁断の666; The Forbidden 666) by Ryohei Kimura & Daisuke Kishio
“nightmare-2” by Yuki Hayashi

In September 2015 the new season of Diabolik Lovers started and continues where the previous season ended. Yui still lives with the Sakamaki brothers. That is until she goes missing and gets kidnapped by the new vampires of the Mukami family. The brothers: Ruki, Kou, Yuma and Azusa. They are unpure vampires, which is just a classy name for Humans being turned. The story style is the same as the first one, a lot of Yui getting eaten, abused and then rescued.. Can you call it rescued? I don’t think so. Either way… Up to episode nine the story is vague and it won’t clear up till the last episode and then hooray. Cliffhanger. If you want to know more I suggest playing the games!

When you get to episode ten, the werewolves from the first episode make their move on Yui. It’s always Yui, poor girl. Yui spends most of her time with the Mukami family. She even gets the freedom to get to school, however that gets ruined, of course. Then she is held captive against her will, until Ayato gets a sudden awareness of his feelings and actually calls her Yui. Like I said before, the season ends with a cliffhanger, which I didn’t see coming. I thought they would use the same style as the first season and shove the ending in the lasts three episodes.

So watching everything that has been released until now and what do I think? The Sakamaki family still needs to get hit. And if I was Yui I would seek help with the Mukami family. Pure blood or not, they aren’t that good, don’t misunderstand, they are both abusive, but in the Makumi family they are more humane in their behaviour; she doesn’t get lashed out for asking things, they talk with her and let her have a bit more freedom. You actually see more of Yui than just the “No~ stop~”. Not that it does her any good, but you get my point. I hope she stays with them, but I doubt it as the main character is Ayato and it follows the otome game style. The only reason I’m looking forward to season three is the storyline: why are the wolves after her and more questions. Who is he? And what’s up with the Adam and Eve thing. And I secretly hope Yui gets less mary sue~

Review by: Tris


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