Osharecon: 砂月Satsuki & Orochi

On 19th March the second edition of Oshare Con takes place in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.  The following artists are performing; Satsuki and Orochi. .

About Satsuki:
砂月Satsuki is the singer of the famous japanese Visual Kei band «Rentrer en Soi». He performed as a band or with his solo project across Japan, Europe and the US. Active also as vocalist of KISAKI PROJECT feat. Satsuki and MOON STREAM.Film, theater, variety show host, pianist, columnist, poet, painter and other productions, 砂月Satsuki is a talented and polyvalent artist


About Orochi:
This is samurai rock as its best!
In the somehow homogenous visual kei scene of Japan, OROCHI stands out with his unique blend of rock, metal and visual artistry that keeps a deep connection to the myth and thrill of Japanese culture. Not surprisingly, Ryu – the artist behind OROCHI – actually has samurai ancestors’ blood in his veins. The music itself, which basically is rock, gets a distinctive touch of culture when it incorporates the tunes of traditional Japanese instruments as of nohkan, dragon flute, koto and biwa – all instruments mastered by Ryu. The lyrics bring you back to a world of myth and fairy-tales in an ancient Japan.

source: Osharecon.nl

To see them at Osharecon you only need to purchase a regular ticket, which are €15,00. More information about sign session will be announced as the convention draws closer.

For more information keep an eye on their website or facebook page.


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