Boruto the Movie


Boruto the movie was announced at the end of  “The Last: Naruto the movie”. The movie was released on August 7th, and had an american release in October 2015.

English: Boruto the Movie
Boruto: Naruto za Mūbī
Released: August 7, 2015
DVD: Release in July 2016
Ending:Driver” by KANA-BOON

Fifteen years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. Uzumaki Naruto is the 7th Hokage of Konoha. The city has become bigger and more advanced in technology. Naruto, who is busy with the tasks of being a Hokage, neglects his family. Boruto, who became a genin isn’t pleased with his father being so consumed in being Hokage. When the chuunin exams are in front of him, he refuses.  The only problem is that his teammates Sarada and Mitsuki do want to join the exam, but they need a three person team.. Unlike Boruto, Sarada does have the dream to become Hokage. Even with this dream, she keeps asking if Boruto wants to be Hokage. The last team member is Mitsuki, he calm boy who’s convinced that Boruto will be a hokage because of his father and grandfather. He doesn’t talk about his parents beside telling his teammates that his father would be more powerful than Sasuke and Naruto. Their team leader is Konohamaru, who became a Jounin.

Team_konohamaru.pngThe children’s mission to catch an escaped panda. Boruto is using two shadow clones and gets scolded by Sarada, for not doing teamwork.

Sasuke in the meantime encounters this movies antagonist Momoshiki Otsutsuki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki, who are inside of Kaguya’s palace in another dimension. Sasuke tries to find information about a greater threat than her. Once Sasuke makes his escape the story sets of in Konoha, where he encounters Boruto, who resembles Naruto. When Boturo asks Sasuke if he can train him, Sasuke agrees.

During the events, a group of scientists have a new invention, the ninja tool is a wristband. If you use a jutsu on a special scroll it can be used by anyone with the wristband. Naruto is against it, and the head scientist goes after Boruto, who will join the chunin exams soon, and wants to be stronger. He agrees on using the wristband. He managed to get passed the first exam thank to Sarada and Mitsuki. In the second stage they have to capture the flag. This is where Boruto uses the wristband for the first time. Tenten is watching him, but thinks because he’s Naruto’s son that he is very skilled. In the third round they have to fight the opponents in the public arena. While Boruto is battling with Shikadai he initially wins the battle, but Naruto catches on and disqualifies Boruto himself.

At the time he wants to leave the arena Momoshiki and Kinshiki appear. boruto-naruto-movie-momoshiki-kinshiki_0They go after Kurama and the other beats, so they can revive the Fruit. Having to protect the people in the area, Naruto makes the decision to let them take him, so that the others can be safe. However, it seems like he sacrifices himself, which gives Boruto the idea that his father is dead. Thankfully, we have uncle Sasuke telling him that Naruto hasn’t died. He can still feel Naruto’s presence in another dimension. He and the other Kages are going after him, he also asks Boruto to join him.  As soon they enter the other dimension, some vague shadows also pass through.

When they arrive, they see Naruto tied to the Fruit tree, Momoshiki is trying to get Kurama out of his body to get chakra seeds. The Kages free Naruto and from there on the battle starts. It shows how Naruto and Sasuke are close by the way they fight together. Despite everything the hero of the day is Boruto. At first, he summons a Rasengan which then disappears too early to properly work. However, Sasuke tells Boruto to trust him, because Momoshiki eats anything that’s an elemental attack, so the attack still had an impact. Together Sasuke and Boruto beat Momoshiki.


Once back in Konoha, we see the team standing on the Hokage’s head. They are getting a new assignment. A bear or a panda has escaped and they need to catch it. We get a scene with Sakura and Sasuke standing on one of the roofs looking at the heads and then the end song starts playing.

After the end song has finished we get short footage of Boruto’s team having to capture the panda/bear and argueing. Mitsuki talks about his parents and they ask who it is. Mitsuki tells them his father is Orochimaru and Sarada is the only one who knows and asking if Orochimaru is Mitsuki’s mom or dad. Which is hilarious. Boruto is as clueless as Naruto used to be. The short zooms out and you can see Orochimaru’s silhouette watching them.

Overall the movie was enjoyable. It’s nice to see an adult version of everyone and not just their bodies, but also their changed behaviour. Of course there are similarities, like Naruto not wanting to do all the paperwork, Sakura’s superpowers, Sai is a chunin examinator.

The new generation does feel like a new gen. They all represent their parents somehow, but not an excact copy. Boruto is a bit ‘calmer’ than Naruto was, but a lot more emotional. Because his father works all the time, and he doesn’t know what Naruto’s been through, he thinks it’s better not to have a father around, but he gets in a fight so that Naruto can’t forget his younger sister’s birthday. Boruto has a habit to take shortcuts, which results in using shadow cloning and the ninja tool. As well as a hack of the computer game he plays with his friends.
Sarada seems to returned to a more stable person, not doubting who her parents are. It seems Sasuke is also more home than away, because she doesn’t complain about that. She already has the ability to use the sharingan. Like her parents she is smart but also funny and unlike her mother not crush focused. She has her aim at being a Hokage while Boruto aims for a position like Sasuke’s. At first I wondered who Mitsuki was, because non of the old gen represented him. When I saw the end, I was surprised but Sarada’s remark was on spot. The movie has enough fun remarks, and I was on the brink of crying when Naruto sacrifices himself to save everyone. When Sasuke told Boruto other wise he wasn’t the only one that was relieved. It would be sad if Boruto had lost his father on a young age.

I think the new gen can work out, if they don’t make it too much like the older gen and I’m curious what else will come from the Naruto project. As long as there won’t come a new anime I will follow it (because I really dislike the fillers and dropped the anime, and instead continue reading the manga.) as I did before.

Did you know?

x – The movie has two promotional posters drawn by Kishimoto.
x – The movie takes place after Naruto Gaiden. Which is about the next generation.
x – Mirai (daughter of Kurenai and Asuma) makes and appearance in the credit along with her mother.
x – Mitsuki’s dad is Orochimaru.


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