Haikyuu Season 1

Haikyuu 2

English title: Haikyuu!
Japanese: ハイキュー!!
Episodes: 25
Status Airing: Finished
Manga: Currently 19 volumes.
Genre: Comedy, Sports, School, Drama, Shounen
Movie 1: Gekijō-ban Haikyū!! Owari to Hajimari
Movie 2: Gekijō-ban Haikyū!! Shōsha to Haisha
Haikyū!! OVA
#1: “Imagination (イマジネーション)” by SPYAIR (eps 1-13)
#2: “Ah Yeah!!” by Sukima Switch (eps 15-25)
#1: “Tenchi Gaeshi (天地ガエシ)” by NICO Touches the Walls (eps 1-13)
#2: “Ah Yeah!!” by Sukima Switch (ep 14)
#3: “LEO” by tacica (eps 15-25)
DVD: Available

Ever since Hinata saw the volleyball player “The Little Giant” from Karasuno, he never wanted anything other than to play Volleyball and join Karasuno. After years, he first enters a volleyball tournament with his friends in his junior school, where he meets Kageyama Tobio. After the match ends, Hinata swears he will beat Kageyama the next time he plays against him.

When high school begins, Hinata enters Karasuno and runs into Kageyama, from rival to teammate… Hinata and Kageyama have opposite personalities.

Hinata's_joy_being_in_a_clubroomHinata is the usual hyperactive main character; He is cheerful but also very naive. Since he never experienced a real match or had any team mates, it’s all new for him and he is super excited about everything that happens, runs around like a child whenever he discovers something new about the world. But it’s not all fun and games, he gets panick attacks during games, but his teammates were able to calm him down. But once he gets past those feelings, he is a serious and dangerous opponent.

Kageyama is the more serious of the two. The people that tobiohave watched him play and his former teammate call him the “King of the court” because of his behavior towards them during the matches. Being a genius isn’t easy for Kageyama and he has trouble finding someone that can keep up with him. He finds that speed in his tiny rival Hinata and it doesn’t take long before he opens up to him and make Hinata become the best as possible. Together with his team, Kageyama learns what it means to trust in his team and he changes from being the “King”.

Karasuno1.pngKarasuno was once the the proud volleyball team from the Miyagi Prefecture, under the guidance
of coach Ukai and the small giant. After they lost multiple tournaments, they were named “The fallen champions.” Until the first years arrive and the tables seem to turn. The only problem seems the upperclassmen, as they have problems of their own.


Haikyuu is a very easy anime to watch. Besides showing a serious side of Volleyball they use enough jokes to makes it interesting for people who aren’t into sports. The relationship between the characters are well worked out. They’re well balanced, ranking from serious, to joking, hyperactive and afraid of the captain who looks like an angel. Even the female team manager Kiyoko gets her own moments, even though she is a very silent character and is kept on the background. The team has its ups and down, which is shown in the team formation, positions and rivals. It’s never an easy battle and I admit that, when I watched  the last episode, I was really rooting for them to win.

The first opening song fits perfectly, it’s an upbeat tempo which gets you excited. The second one is a slower song, personally I dislike it, but I have a thing against ballads and other songs with a slow beat.The second opening is an easy beat which has an relaxing vibe, a bit more evolved along with the story. After being used as an ending for episode 14, it’s used from episode 15 and onward.

The first ending is a happy, exciting beat that gets you moving along with the music and makes you forget you are on your way to the next episode. The third ending start with a intro but stays a steady beat, nothing exciting or too slow, just a nice beat that builds up to the chorus.

Did you know?

x – That there is an Musical adaption called “Hyper Projection Engeki: Haikyu!!”

Review by: Tris


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