Dragon Ball Super arc 1

Early 2015 it was announced that Dragon Ball would return. It would be showing the Battle of God as first arc and the Resurrection of F in the second arc. Today we will talk about the first arc.

Dragon Ball Super Battle of Gods Saga

Episodes Arc: 1 – 14
Airing: Currently airing. Arc started in July 2015.
Opening: Excellent dynamic by Kazuya Yoshii
Episodes 01 – 12: Hello Hello Hello by Good Morning America
Episodes 12 – 14: Starring Star by KEYTALK
DVD release:
Japan: available since December 2015, two discs with 12 episodes each.

DBSWhisWarpTravel213213The story continues after the Kai-series. Goku works on the radish farm, forced by Chi-Chi. Gohan and Videl are married.  This first arc is retelling the movie: “Battle of Gods”. The arc follows the
same storyline. The God Beerus comes to the Earth to search for the Super Saiyan God. Of course it’s up to Goku and the gang to fix this problem.

If you are used to the old art style from Dragon ball, you will quickly realize there hasn’t changed much, as there are no new techniques. The only thing they changed are shots where the outlines are a bit more present, and sometimes the shots are badly animated, the art could have been better during those parts.

A great feature of Dragon ball is the jokes they put in. DBS_Emperor_PilafPilaf is one of those things, he and his little gang are completely useless, filler material, but entertaining to watch. The same goes for Satan’s masquarade to be the world’s hero, or Goku having to work while he only wants to train…

Because I watched the film before the series came out, I paid attention to other things than I usually would. They have changed some sceneries, added some extra funny moments and of course the whole battle is spread over several episodes instead of being shoved in one film. One of the good things is the fact they take the time to learn more about Beerus and Whis; who they are and why they came. You also see a lot of family time between Goku and his family as well as our grumpy saiyan prince Vegeta.

DBS_Brief_Family_q39423I personally enjoy the moments where Vegeta opens up more about his feelings for Bulma and Trunks. I mean he married her and has a child with her, so there has to be something, right? Other than that Vegeta was his old self, seeking power in his own way.

So in the end… was it worth it to make the movies into a serie? I think with making it a full arc, they reach a new audience as it gets aired on the TV. And the older fans still watched the movies and the series, because of their love for the show. If Ihad known in advance that the film would be turned into an arc in the new series, I probably wouldn’t have watched the film. I’m interested in the Resurrection of F era arc, but am not too excited about watching the movie. I am curious enough to watch both so I can see the differences between the series and the film.

Did you know:

x – The seiyuu (voice actor) from Goten, Gohan and Goku is the same?
x – Unlike in the movies, the battle in the arc happens on a ship instead of Bulma’s garden.
x – Beerus, Whis and others from that world are named after alcoholic beverages

Review by: Tris


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