TMR: [Alexandros] – “Girl A”

JNL Team presents: The Monthly Review

What is TMR (The Monthly Review)? At the start of every month JNL Team will pick a random album and/or single that was released in Japan and review it.

December 2015 review.

Album/Single: Girl A

Artist: [Alexandros]

Review by: Mariëlle

2015 has been quite a busy year for the band, as they released a single in early 2015, ワタリドリ / Dracula La, in March, and their fifth album (titled ALXD) in June. And now [Alexandros] is back with another great single, called Girl A, with three tracks, one of which is live.

While the single wasn’t released until December 2nd, the music video for the title track was released on October 21st, and the song is used as the OST for the Japanese drama Siren.

The single comes in two versions: The Regular Edition and the Limited Edition. The Limited Edition single has a DVD with footage of a live Event in Yoyogi Park from June 2015.

Girl A is the first track, and is energetic and vibrant, like their video. It gives off an electronic vibe, and is combined really well with their rock styles, and fits well with Yoohei Kawami’s unique vocals. The video is a little chaotic, but easy to follow none the less.

According to the members, this song is about a type of devotion (to yourself, to being who you are). In an interview they said: “It’s about a girl who’s trying to be someone’s important person, but she knows that she can’t so she sings: ‘I wish you would live forever, even though I don’t'”. It’s about how, if you die, other people will continue living, and while this is sad, that’s how life works. This song is a way to express the feeling you get when you think about what happens after you’re gone, which is often a very sensitive subject.

Watch the MV of Girl A here.

The next track is called In Your Face, which starts in a very relaxed tune. The entire beginning of the song is in English, which isn’t surprising if you know this band. The song is very different from the title track, much slower and has an overall different feel than Girl A, yet, as the song plays on, the style of the music changes a little, and gives off a clearer ‘rock’ vibe. While it’s still more relaxed than Girl A, In Your Face is by no means a typically slow song. It has spice and an amazing combination of base and guitar.

The single features a live version of Leaving Grapefruits from their ALXD album, which is an absolute treat for fans. It’s a nice feature for those who have seen the concert earlier in 2015, so they can relive the moment, but also an amazing way for other fans, who couldn’t make it there, to feel like they were somehow still a part of it.

All in all, this single has some very interesting new songs. Girl A has been a great effort to experiment with a new sound, and has paid off greatly. The single is a must have for all [Alexandros] fans, and everyone who’s interested in new music styles and unique vocals. [Alexandros]  has done a great job with this new single, and we of JNL team recommend it to everyone.

If you’re interested in buying Girl A, by [Alexandros], click the links below.

Regular Edition

Limited Edition


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