Digimon Tri “Saikai” review


Earlier in 2015 it was announced that Digimon would get a new release for its 15th anniversary. With a bit of a delay, the first part is there finally. On November 21, 2015. Digimon Tri will be made out six movies. The first movie Saikai (meaning reunion) was split into four episodes. The dvd will be region free in Japan from December 18, 2015. The second movie will be called Ketsui (meaning decision/determination) and will be released around the end of march/april 2016.

The songs that are used are “Butterfly” “I wish” and “Brave Heart”.

The story of Saikai begin three years after the end of Adventures 02. All of the digidestineds are in high school and Mimi has gone back to America. Its begins with the appearance of our good old friend Kuwagamon (in case you forgot, it’s the first digimon they encounter after they arrived in the Digital World.) Can you guess which famous Japanese building gets destroyed -again-?


For someone who grew up with the Digimon series, I was nervous about the art. It changed a lot and having experience the redo of Sailor Moon I didn’t know what to expect. But I was more than satisfied. The new style seems to be mature and the digidestined are also much more mature. It’s hard to believe that it’s three years later. The beginning gives you a lot of questions and slowly we will be getting the answers. During these “four episodes” they change between new digimon encounters, as character development. One of them that is the clearest is Taichi.

The only downside of this movie way, is that the storyline goes slowly. By the time the action starts, it’s almost over. The other side is that you see a lot of backstory, how everyone is as an “young-adult”. What they choose to be, and why.

But wait, There is a new digidestined with an first version digivice.. Who is she and what will this mean?


Will I follow this? Yes. and I will keep posting about it on the website. I can’t wait for the other movies to be released!

You can order your own version at Yesasia:
Normal DVD


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