MERRY tour 2016 postponed

On the 5th of January B7klan posted the following news on their facebook about MERRY tour being cancelled / postponed.

“To All MERRY Fans,

We hope you had a great beginning of year 2016.

From our side, 2016 starts with some bad news.

We are sorry, but we need to postpone MERRY tour to an undetermined period, probably early 2017.

Several reasons to explain this, but the main one is that MERRY tour was presented just one week before terror attacks in Paris and we started selling tickets the day after the Bataclan’s slaughter.

Since this day, Torpedo and B7 staff have been feeling very bad and we did not work the best way to promote this tour because we were too shocked. Usually, we try to promote a tour with our full energy and with a maximum of communication, but this time, we have to admit our mind was not 100% concentrated.

After discussing with MERRY management, we have decided to postpone the tour and work it later with much more energy and more communication cause we like this band very much and they deserve our best treatment.

Tickets will be reimbursable within 3 weeks in the places where you purchased them. We thank you for your understanding.


B7 staff”


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