Debut: BuZZ

Avex and Rising Production, known for artists such as Namie Amuro, Da Pump, LEAD, w-inds and more, brought us a band new band from Japan earlier this month. They have a great vibe, individual style that is bound to keep you curious and interested. This is not your typical ‘boy band’ though, as they are … More Debut: BuZZ

Special Review: Haruna Luna – Stella Breeze

Album/Single: Stella Breeze Artist: Haruna Luna (春奈 るな; Haruna Runa) Review by: Mariëlle Haruna Luna has just released her 10th single, Stella Breeze (ステラブリーズ). It was released on the third of May in 3 different versions, a regular edition, a limited edition and an anime edition.  The title track is Stella Breeze (ステラブリーズ), also translated … More Special Review: Haruna Luna – Stella Breeze

Special Review: Choutokkyuu – Chou Nebagiba DANCE

Album/Single: Chou Nebagiba DANCE (超ネバギバ DANCE; Super never give up DANCE) Artist: Choutokkyuu (超特急; Bullet Train) Review by: Mariëlle Choutokkyuu, AKA Bullet Train, released their latest single Chou Nebagiba DANCE on the 26th of April. This is their 12th single, and comes in two versions: A regular Edition and a Deluxe Edition. The regular edition comes … More Special Review: Choutokkyuu – Chou Nebagiba DANCE

Biri Gyaru

Bigi Gyaru is about a young girl Sayaka Kudo (played by Kasumi Arimura) she is a 2nd grade high school student, with the intelligence of a 4th grade elementary school student.  Since she was young, Sayaka couldn’t connect well with other children, until her mother let her transfer to a different school (where you could … More Biri Gyaru