SVGV Europe Tour

Good news for European SVGV fans! The international group is gracing us with their latest European tour later this year. The group will start their tour at the end of August in France, and will end it early September in Germany. SVGV (pronounced SAGA) is an Asian Electronic dance music group formed in 2014. They are currently based … More SVGV Europe Tour

Debut: BuZZ

Avex and Rising Production, known for artists such as Namie Amuro, Da Pump, LEAD, w-inds and more, brought us a band new band from Japan earlier this month. They have a great vibe, individual style that is bound to keep you curious and interested. This is not your typical ‘boy band’ though, as they are … More Debut: BuZZ

Special Review: Haruna Luna – Stella Breeze

Album/Single: Stella Breeze Artist: Haruna Luna (春奈 るな; Haruna Runa) Review by: Mariëlle Haruna Luna has just released her 10th single, Stella Breeze (ステラブリーズ). It was released on the third of May in 3 different versions, a regular edition, a limited edition and an anime edition.  The title track is Stella Breeze (ステラブリーズ), also translated … More Special Review: Haruna Luna – Stella Breeze